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Multiples Mania

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Meet the Multiples Cubby Editor Sheryl
Hello! My name is Sheryl; I'm a 32 year old stay at home mom. My husband and I just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. We have been triply blessed with beautiful triplet girls.

My pregnancy was high risk, of course, and I was on bedrest for 12 weeks, six of those weeks in the hospital. I had gone into preterm labor in my 26th week, I was put on magnesium sulfate to stop the labor and it worked, but then I developed pulmonary edema from the mag so, of course, they had to stop giving it to me. Thankfully when they stopped it I didn't start to contract again like I had been, but my cervix was as thin as a sheet of paper and fingertip dilated so I needed to stay in the hospital where it was safest for the babies.

One night while sleeping my water broke and the rest is history, LOL! Hannah, Brooke and Jenna were born via c-section all one minute apart from each other in the early morning of June 18, 1999. They were born prematurely at 32 weeks, 2 days and each spent some time in the NICU. Today they are perfectly healthy toddlers and keep Mom and Dad very busy these days.

Before I had my girls, I worked in a property management company. It seems like a lifetime ago that I worked outside of the house; raising toddler triplets is certainly more than enough work for me right now, LOL! I am the youngest of four kids, and coincidentally my sister has twin boys, so yes it does run in the family!

Please take a look around the cubby; I hope you enjoy it.


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