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 Suggested Layette and Gear List
Preparing the nursery for the fourth trimester may differ from family to family depending on variables such as season and weather, babies' weights, laundering facilities, as well as country and clothing customs and parenting styles. Shopping for multiples can be fun but costly, so take some time to consider sales, shopping online, and sharing items with friends and family. Below you will find a list put together by our multiples parents. Make adjustments and enjoy the adventure of gathering up new baby threads and basics!

It is always best to buy clothing slightly big to allow for shrinkage and growth. Babies outgrow newborn sizes quickly so keep this in mind when purchasing one-piece sets or fitted clothing. Always choose for comfort and softness. Take notice of zippers, snaps, buttons and tags. Will they scratch? How easily do fasteners close? Choose the outfits that open and close easily for quick diaper changes.

Socks and booties are a necessity. Even in warm weather feet can become cool when your babies are inactive or asleep. Knit caps are a cozy addition to your layette and offer a soothing touch, keeping ears and soft little heads warm. Remember that newborn babies do not self-regulate their body temperature so a baby hat should be considered for the first two weeks, longer if your babies are preemies.

It's not always necessary to buy two of everything for twins or three of everything for triplets, etc. It's also not necessary to have some of the larger equipment items immediately. The items listed below are needed in the first three months.

Threads for EACH baby
    6 one-piece, leg-snap pajamas or gowns
    2 blanket sleepers for winter babies
    6 cotton side snap undershirts shirts or "onesies"
    1 or 2 snowsuits for winter babies
    4 pairs of socks or booties
    6 receiving blankets
    8 burp cloths (cloth diapers are great for this!)
    1-2 pairs of mittens if your baby is a scratcher or a winter baby
    1-2 hats appropriate for the season (wide brimmed in summer, covers the ears in winter)

Nursery Basics
    baby sling/front pack/snugli
    crib/cradle/basinette depending on preference (many parents use one for all of the babies the first few months)
    6-10 fitted crib sheets
    fitted waterproof mattress pad for each crib
    1 bouncy seat/infant chair or seat PER baby
    1 swing (possibly 2 if you have triplets and lots of room for them!)
    rocking chair

Changing Table Basics
    changing table
    diaper pail
    Diaper rash ointment, Desitin, Balmex, A&D or Baby Gold Bond Powder
    baby wipes or lots of baby washcloths and warm water
    several waterproof lap pads
    If cloth diapering:
        3 to 4 dozen cloth diapers PER baby
        2 dozen reusable wipes (washcloths or disposable wipes) PER baby
        8 diaper covers PER baby
        4 sets of diaper pins (if not using pinless diapers) PER baby
        Ivory Snow, Dreft or other gentle laundry detergent
    If using disposable diapers:
        Disposable diapers - ten to twelve per day PER baby.

Breastfeeding Basics
    Several nursing pads
    2 -4 nursing bras
    Nursing pillow/Boppy pillow

Bottle Feeding Basics
    6 4-ounce and 6 8-ounce bottles with matching nipples, rings and extra bag liners if necessary PER baby
    bottle brush
    dishwasher basket for nipples, rings and small accessories
    sterilizer if not using dishwasher to sterilize
    bottle warmer (optional)
    6 bibs PER baby
    several burp cloths (can use cloth diapers)
    formula - may wish to wait for a recommendation on type of formula from pediatrician

Medicine Chest Basics
    vaseline and sterile gauze if your boy is circumsized
    rubbing alcohol and q-tips for cord care
    gas drops
    Infant Tylenol
    saline nose spray
    baby decongestent
    liquid Benadryl
    thermometer - one PER baby labeled unless using ear thermometer
    bulb syringe - one PER baby and labeled
    calibrated medicine dropper or syringe for measuring dosages

Bath Time Basics
    Gentle baby bath such as Baby Magic or Johnsons & Johnsons
    Baby Shampoo (or just use baby bath at the beginning)
    baby safe scissors or clippers
    Baby bath tub (just one is enough)
    2 - 4 hooded baby towels
    lots of baby washcloths (have many uses!)

Travel Basics
    1 car seat PER baby
    jumbo diaper bag

Our Multiples' FAQ:
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          Section II - Preparing for Multiples
          Section III - Pregnancy & Childbirth
          Section IV - NICU
          Section V - Going Home/Postpartum
          Section VI - As They Grow
          Section VII - Resources
          Section VIII - Miscellaneous/Special Tips & Inspiration

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