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Decorating a Nursery for Triplets
By Jessica Ackerman
Being a new parent is hard enough, but when you are the new parent of triplets it can be especially overwhelming. Sleepless nights and endless diaper changes can quickly take over and put you in quite a frantic state of mind. One of the best things to do before your triplets arrive is to make sure that you have the nursery set up for all three children, as well as mom and dad. If you are not sure what you might need to include, take a look at the ideas below to get you started.

Functional Furniture for the Kids
In most cases, the triplets will be sharing a nursery for at least the first year of life. This means that you will have at least double the amount of furniture in the space that someone with only one newborn may have. While it may be recommended that some triplets sleep together, at least in early infancy, having three cribs is a must. If the budget allows choose cribs that can also transform into toddler beds and then into twin or full size beds as well. While the initial investment may be big, it will save you from having to purchase six additional beds in the future. Since you can only change one child at a time, if you would like to have a changing station, only one is really needed. Select one that has ample room for storing diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream. A sturdy and closed trash can is a must for the space next to the changing table. If you have a closet in the room, use that for storing clothes before investing in dressers. Under the crib storage boxes are also a great idea, because they are out of the way and hold plenty of clothing or additional diapers.

Furniture for Mom and Dad
It may seem unusual to think about furniture for mom and dad in the nursery, but it is essential to have a comfortable spot for mom and dad to sit. If both parents are usually in the room together, have two very comfortable, durable, stain-resistant chairs for them. Footrests are also important to help alleviate lower back strain from frequent sitting and holding the babies. While rockers are great for their soothing motion, many traditional styles are not comfortable. If you can find an armchair rocker or a rocker recliner that fits in the room and matches the decor, you may consider that instead of a rocker designed more for porch use.

Other Items
In addition to the large pieces of furniture for the nursery, bouncy seats and baby swings are also helpful. You may have these in other rooms of the house, as well, but if you can have a combination of three of them in the nursery you may find that changing diapers and getting the children dressed goes much more smoothly. Small toys and books for the children are important as they get older. A table next to the chair for mom with a light and illuminated clock is important to help mom stay awake and on top of the day's schedule.

Having triplets is a huge responsibility and a stressful time. By setting the nursery up with the things you need before the children are born, you will eliminate some of the stress of having three small infants in your care. No matter how overwhelming some days may be, a soothing and calming nursery will help to ease the day's stress and worries.

About the Author:
Jessica Ackerman of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use atomic outdoor wall clocks and wrought iron wall crosses.

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