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NICU Support

Welcome to StorkNet's NICU Support Cubby!
While we wish that no baby would ever have to spend time in the NICU, we realize that some babies will have to spend a few days, weeks or even months in the NICU. We hope that you will find this cubby a valuable source of support, information and encouragement if you do end up having to visit your newborn in the NICU.

What's New
     º Getting Through the Holidays in NICU
Getting through the holidays when your newborn is in the hospital can be so difficult. It's hard enough to go home empty-handed; trying to deal with the holidays as well can be a real strain. Here are some ideas from parents who have spent various holidays in the NICU with their babies.

Featured Article
     º You've Got a Friend: How to Help a Friend in Need
You have a friend in crisis: she has just delivered a premature baby. The most common reaction to such situations is for you to call and express your feelings, but your feelings are mixed. Do you say congratulations, or I'm sorry? Is this a time for happiness or for mourning? In truth, the birth of a premature baby brings up a confused mix of emotions, and it is okay to express all of them. What else can you do to help your friend? Family Nurse Practitioner Susan LaScala, RN-C shares some tips.

And Don't Forget
     º For Parents of Multiples
Our Multiples FAQ Project is completed. Check out our NICU area for tips on parenting multiples in the NICU.
     º Feel free to email us with your suggestions and feedback for the cubby.

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