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Preemie Diapers
~ A Message Board Archive
From Shooter: Any advice on where to get these things?? We've looked at Walmart and Target (2 commonly found department stores in our area). I thought we had looked at Babies R Us as well, but I don't remember them having any.

JaJa: I got some as a gift and I think they were Pampers but I'm not sure where they came from. Try the online drug stores...sometimes they eve have really good deals too. Cody was 5 lb. 5 oz. when he came home so we didn't use them for long and then went to newborn size. So I wouldn't stock up too much especially if he keeps growing so well.

TracyR: You might want to check with the NICU and see if they will send you home with some. Our NICU sent us home with 2 bags and we just went to newborn diapers from there. Preemie diapers are expensive and there aren't many in a pack. I saw some somwhere but I can't remember where. It might have been CVS drugstore.

Vonda: We were able to find them in Wal-Mart. Maybe they would have them online? Also, we moved up to newborn before she was five pounds, I think. Our experience has been Adriana grows out of them about two pounds before the size of the new ones. They have worked fine anyway.

Lorraine G: I agree with the others. My dd went home in preemie diapers but only stayed in them for a short time. The size 1 also fit her but were a little big. My ds went home at 6lbs so he was also fine in size 1. The NICU should send you home with some and enough for a while but I definately know that Pampers is one of the only makers of preemie diapers. You don't get a lot in the package but he won't stay in them for long.

eastertwingles: Don't waste your money on preemie size, just by newborn, the worst that will happen is they'll be a little big, but he's growing every day and soon they won't be too big.

JenT: I think we used Huggies preemie diapers for a while - DD was 4 pounds 11 ounces when we brought her home and didn't gain weight all that quickly. If we didn't get them as gifts, we must have gotten them at the grocery store.

Kimber1773: Just a thought. My son was a 27 weeker at 1lb 8ozs and just came home last week at 14 weeks old. He is in newborn size. He weighs 5lbs. I wouldn't invest in preemies so soon. You never know....they grow fast!

TraceyM: We were able to find the Pampers preemie diapers at Walmart. She peed through them so fast it seemed like we went through a pack a day (there were very few diapers per pack) until we moved her up to the newborn size. She was 5.2 when we brought her home and probably not much bigger when we got tired of the preemie size and moved her up to newborn.

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