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After three months in the NICU, my son is almost ready to come home
~ A Message Board Archive
From carrottop9 ~ After three long horrible months at the NICU, my son is finally nearing the end. He's been on a vent since his birth and just yesterday graduated to room air. I'm scared to death. At the hospital there's always someone awake at 4am when he has a breathing treatment or at 2am when he takes one of three medications he'll be coming home on. He still has a little time left there because he's having a hard time learning to "suck, swallow, breathe" but it will be any time now. The friends I've made in the NICU are all mothers whose babies were born much later in their pregnancies than Austin. I don't want to invalidate their experiences but having a micro-preemie is something altogether different. I'm petrified I won't be able to handle having my beautiful little man at home. Austin was born at 25 weeks and his only major complications have been heart surgery for a PDA ligation, GER and BPD. I feel so lucky to have bypassed some of the scarier preemie problems. God has blessed me with one adorable little man! I'm just scared to death I won't be a good mom.

From Tami C ~ You already are a good mom. Take a breath! Talk to your nurses, learn everything they can teach you. My niece and nephew were micro-preemies; I know how hard it is to be so long in the NICU, and then the sheer panic at the thought of bringing that baby home. It will be a lot of work--a lot of sleepless nights. But here's the thing--you'd be facing a lot of work and sleepless nights with a full-term baby too. My older kids are 8 years old now, and I still stay up nights sometimes worrying when they are sick, or when they have a nightmare. That's sorta the deal you make when you have a baby. You'll be fine. Listen to your doctors and nurses, and your own heart. Your son will always tell you what he needs.

From JaJa ~ My son was born at 23.5 weeks and getting him home was a blessing. I was scared to death but I was confident in the fact that I had already done most of the stuff at the NICU so doing it at home shouldn't be too bad and it wasn't. I was actually pretty relaxed. He's now 2 1/2 and doing great. He also had PDA but he didn't require surgery and he had ROP but that also went away although he does wear glasses for astimatism and nearsightedness. He still has BPD but he's been on Singulair so we haven't had any problems in the last 6 months.

From Shooter ~ Hang in there, carrottop! It's so scary, yet exciting, when they finally get to come home. Yes, you will have a lot of times that you're scared . . . we still do and we didn't have some of the major problems you described, but you just integrate things into your lifestyle. You adapt, you improvise, you find ways to not only cope, but to help your baby thrive and be happy! Look forward to that homecoming . . . have the neighbors come out and wave at you as you come home. I have video of us getting home that first day. Here I am trying to drive and video at the same time! My folks had the house all decorated up with a homecoming cake inside. It'll be fun and you'll be great with your little one.

From NancyGar ~ I agree with the other ladies. Take a breath. You'll be an awesome mom.

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