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NICU Support

Personal Stories ~ From Christina

We were so excited to finally be pregnant after three years of trying and a miscarriage. I had what the doctor's called the dream pregnancy.

On Saturday, November 16th I felt four or five pains that lasted only seconds, so I thought that this must just be the third trimester and didn't worry. But on the way to church I had several within the twenty minute drive. I told my husband that if they kept up I was going to call my doctor. During church I wasn't comfortable sitting, I went downstairs, where I had to breathe to get through the pains. I decided that they must be contractions and sent one of the ladies in the restroom to get my husband.

We began the drive back to Mississauga to the Hospital, and on the way, we knew it was the real thing but were clueless to the dangers and risks ahead of us. I even walked up the stairs to Labour and Delivery.

Upon asessment, the mood changed to organized panic as they realized I was fully dilated and waters bulging at 28 weeks. To add to the troubles, our little son was a double footling breech, requiring a c-section. He was born with a heart beat, but lost it and had to use large doses of rescutation drugs to get things going. He was placed on the ventilator as he wasn't able to breathe on his own.

They called the Sick Kids Transfer team in, and they rushed him to Mt. Sinai hospital NICU. I was in shock for the first 24 hours, not really understanding what was happening. My husband saw them bagging our little 1500 gram baby and thought I was going through enough, so blocked my view and started to pray with me for our son.

My doctor was kind enough to release me for a few hours to travel to Toronto to see our son. You can imagine my shock as the neonatologist informed us how grim things were. I wanted to hold him so bad and make it all ok, but I only was allowed a touch and then I had to head back to Credit Valley.

Upon arriving in my ward, a new mom came down the hallway with her new baby in her arms. I completely lost it, and started to cry for what dreams I had lost and what might never be. Two days later it was one of the hardest moments to leave the ward with empty arms, not knowing if they would ever be full.

Hayden's journey was not a smooth one. During his NICU stay he had severe apnea, a PDA, blood infection, and a blood transfusion and countless other painful and scary procedures. On December 4th, he was transfered to a level 2 at Credit Valley. We spent the next month watching him grow and went through ups and down as he seemed to determined to stick with his O2.

We were so excited to finally be told that end was in sight and we should home within a week. But it was not meant to be, as his cough got worse and to make a long story shorter, he was diagnosed with the feared RSV. After several days he crashed, requiring life support and blood transfusion in route to Sick Kids. He became only 5 percent in the world for the shot to not to protect. One week later we returned to Credit Valley and then went home a week later, 68 days after the roller coaster ride began.

After many doctor visits and hospital visits, Hayden is a healthy 5 1/2 year old. Do not lose courage, and reach out to others who have been down this journey before.

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