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NICU Support

Personal Stories ~ From Heather

My son was supposed to be a full term, healthy baby. When he was born we discovered that he had a very rare chromosomal anomoly. He was airlifted to a children's hospital and put in NICU. The best advice I can give to any parent with a child in the NICU is to get as close as possible with the staff. You will surely know your doctors, but knowing the whole staff makes it much easier. It is nice to feel like you have a friend. You will soon forget the wires, tubes, alarms, and all of the other fears you have, but you will never forget the people who helped you through the hardest time in your life.

One other suggestion. Our older child was allowed in on Sundays. At first we were hesitant about taking a 5 year old in the NICU. Once we got brave enough, he didn't even seem bothered by all of the technology surrounding his brother. It was amazing how much better the baby's vitals were when his brother would hold him and talk to him. It gave us all a new sense of love. It is the most amazing thing to watch your babies already pulling together in hard times.

The NICU sounds scary, but it is the best thing for your baby. I would not trade our experience for anything in the world.

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