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Personal Stories ~ From Jamie
On June 15th I was just finishing my 17th week of bedrest. I was 36 weeks pregnant with twin girls and looking forward to having a planned c-section at the end of the following week. We had spent the day before having tests done at the university hospital three hours away so I was very tired. I decided a nap would help me to feel better.

As I lay in bed I heard a popping sound high up in my belly and thought it might be my water breaking. I went to the rest room and there wasn't any sign of water breaking like it had four years ago with my first pregnancy. By the time I returned to the bedroom I was gushing warm water. I was alone with my 4 year old and knew I better make a few phone calls. When I called the hospital (40 minutes away), the nurse told me that I should come in to be evaluated and they would call the doctor then. Less than 10 minutes later, the doctor called me and said that we needed to hurry because the test showed that Baby B had a problem, and they needed to get her out asap.

Just as I hung up, my husband drove up and called the Sheriff's office to tell them that we would be speeding through the county. My sister and her husband were right behind him and stayed with the older boys while we sped to the hospital.

At the hospital a security guard met us and wheeled me to the second floor where the girls would be born. The doctor was there with an ultrasound machine and put my IV in for the nurses. I was then wheeled into surgery and given a saddle block. At 9:45 pm, Twin B, Crystal was born and at 9:46 twin A , Amber was born. ( I tease her because Amber is now the youngest because Crystal stole her "birthright".) They were handed over to their pediatrician who pronounced them ok. I was to have a tubal after the section so I was in surgery when they left to the nursery.

While recovering from my section, the babies' doctor came in and said that Angel flight was on its way for Crystal because of her heart. In the 40 minutes it took them to arrive, her condition was deteriorating and we were asked if we wanted to send Amber along with her because she was so small. Both girls were wheeled in the room, and I was told to "tell my babies bye." I was still medicated and not sure what was going on. I told them bye and did not realize that the Crystal was fighting for her life.

At Children's Hospital, Crystal had an angioplasty done to her heart to hopefully open the right valve that was not working. She was on 100% oxygen and given meds to paralyze her so she wouldn't fight the ventilator. Amber had to have surgery done on her esophagus to fixe an abnormality. Both girls had to have tubes inserted to keep them alive.

Because we own a business, have young children at home and my c-section became infected, we didn't see the girls everyday. Amber had to be medicated whenever she heard my voice because she would get "irritated." The NICU nurses were great. I called them three times a day for an update. Both girls spent three weeks there until they could come home. Amber came home on July 4th and Crystal on the 5th.

I spent four nights at the NICU learning how to feed Amber because she was so small. Now that she is home, she wolfs down her food. Both girls are doing fine. Yesterday at 15 weeks they weighed 10 and 11 pounds! Crystal will have to have follow up visits for her heart.

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