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NICU Support

Personal Stories ~ From Julie
I have nine month old twins. They were born at 32 weeks. My son weighed 4 lbs 3 oz, and my daughter weighed 5 lbs 13 oz. They were both breathing room air, but they needed to be tube fed for some time.

When our daughter was born, she was sent to Boston Children's. She had an omphalocele (her intestines were in a sack on the outside of her body) so she was sent there to be operated on. Our son stayed in the NICU at Brigham's. He was there for two weeks. Then when he was stronger, they sent him to a hospital closer to home, and he spent three weeks in the NICU there. Our daughter was sent to the same hospital about two weeks later where she spent another three weeks in the hospital so we were bopping between two different hospitals. it was very difficult.

Corey just needed his time to grow before he could come home. Caitlyn was a different story. She kept having these spells where she would stop breathing and would need oxygen. I remember the day they told me I could take her home in a few days. I was so happy and sooooo scared at the same time. I remember crying in the NICU to one of the nurses telling her how scared I was to take her home but she did come home and never had a problem. They are both doing great now.

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