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NICU Support

Personal Stories ~ From Marjorie
1. Why did your child(ren) end up in the NICU?
My daughter was born with little hope of being born alive, so after a very rough start she was born and then was whisked away to our Children's Hospital NICU.

2. How long was your child(ren) in the NICU?
She was in NICU for a little over a month. I held her for the first time in the unit - so little and frail with tubes all over but still I was filled with love at her first touch. She progressed from an IV and feeding tube, we struggled to get her to eat, weighed her diapers, and overcame medical alarms for everything. We shared stories with the other families and learned to appreciate life.

May no one ever have to experience the fragile aspect of life at such an early age but may all appreciate the love of family and power of prayer at any age . . .

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