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NICU Support

Personal Stories ~ From Tracy
My third son was in NICU. About three hours after Matthew was born I was nursing him, and a nurse walked into the dark room (it was about 3 am) and turned on a light. She nurse noticed that Matthew was blue around the mouth and told me that she was taking him down to the nursery to take his vitals. I drifted off to sleep once she left with him.

When I woke up at 7am during my vitals being taken, Matthew was still in the nursery. I asked if he could come back to my room, and I was told that testing was being done on him but that he was ok. By 9 am I found out that he was being moved to NICU and further testing was being done. By the end of the day a diagnosis of Patent Ductus Arteriosis was made. PDA is where the Ductus Artery that is used by the baby while in the womb doesn't close immediately after birth, and it causes improper blood flow through the heart and blood oxygen levels drop. While being in NICU for his PDA, he also became jaundiced which meant more testing and treatment.

Matthew was monitored for six days in NICU when it was determined that he was ok to leave. He still had PDA, and he was followed for 2 years when his PDA finally closed on i's own without drugs or surgery.

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