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PAILS of Hope

Meet Our Cubby Moderator Maribeth Doerr
MaribethWelcome! I'm Maribeth, a veteran of subsequent pregnancy. I always believed that little girls grew up to be mothers. If a woman wanted a baby, she had one; motherhood was simply there for the asking. Little did I know how elusive my dream would be. My first son was stillborn due to complications of placenta previa, my second son was born nine days overdue and died at 5 1/2 days due to complications of his birth. My third and fourth babies were miscarried.

After 8 1/2 years of trying and four losses, I finally gave birth to Eric at 37 weeks. A complicated pregnancy and placenta previa preceded his planned cesarean delivery. He then went straight to NICU with aspirated amniotic fluid and meconium. He spent a frightening week in the NICU while I went home without another baby. Luckily, he is now healthy and beautiful in every way.

When Eric was 19 months old, Chad came into our world at 36 weeks - our surviving twin. David had died in utero due to placental insufficiency. Chad, however, only spent seven hours in the NICU and came home from the hospital with me - a precious first experience after six pregnancies.

Despite the losses, the years of wondering if I'd ever get to be a mother, the bedridden high risk pregnancies and NICU stays, my sons were worth every ounce of anguish. I've never known such joy as parenting! I have several years experience in moderating loss groups and pregnancy after loss groups as well as co-authoring a booklet on pregnancy after loss called Another Baby? Maybe . . . 30 Questions on Pregnancy After Loss. I hope by sharing my experiences, I can help you survive the rollercoaster and find the joy that I know. Feel free to email me with your suggestions for our cubby.

Warm hugs!
Maribeth Doerr

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