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PAILS of Hope

Web Links ~ Pregnancy After Infertility
Here are some of the best sites the web has to offer for parents going through a pregnancy after infertility . . .

Pregnancy/Parenting After Infertility

  • Paula's Pregnancy After Infertility Journal ~ Paula (42) and her husband, Jeff (41), have a beautiful daughter, Julia (6), conceived without difficulty. Unfortunately, conceiving their second child was difficult after a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Disease and unexplained infertility. Following an attempted IUI, an IVF cycle, surgery to remove a fibroid and uterine septum, and two unsuccessful IUIs, Paula conceived during a hiatus from treatment. Her new little peanut is due September 24, 2006.

  • Shauna's Pregnancy After Adoption Journal ~ Shauna (39) and Paul (36) have two wonderful adopted children, Fred (6) and Rose (2). After a third adoption fell through earlier this year, Shauna was shocked to discover that she was pregnant for the first time ever. She is excited for this new child in their lives, even if it is coming in this "strange" new way. She's due around December 12, 2006.

  • Kelly's Twin Pregnancy Journal ~ Kelly and Matt tried to conceive for three years. Finally, after their third IVF attempt, they had a positive pregnancy test. At 6 weeks, they learned they were having twins. After weeks on bedrest, Kelly gave birth via c-section at 37 weeks on August 3, 2004. Eddie and Anna were big and healthy!

  • Tracy's Twin Pregnancy Journal
    Tracy Edmonds conceived triplets following infertility treatment. She lost one of the babies in the first trimester but went on to deliver a healthy boy and girl in 1999. This is her story week by week through her pregnancy including a one year update and two year update.

  • Donna's Pregnancy After Infertility Journal
    Donna conceived via IVF. This is her pregnancy journal week by week through the birth of her healthy son.

  • Kay's Family Building Journal
    After two losses and years of extensive infertility treatments, Kay and her husband adopted a healthy newborn daughter. This is her journal of donor egg procedures and eventually becoming parents through adoption.

  • StorkNet's Birth Stories
    Read Katie's Birth, a birth story following infertility and Melissa's Birth, a story of pregnancy after loss and infertility

  • Triplets Born After IVF
    These adorable triplets, conceived via IVF, were born at 32 weeks in March 1997. They're healthy and beautiful! Read through their mom's pregnancy journal, birth and updates since then. They include lots of triplet/multiples links and information.

  • Fertile Thoughts
    An online community for those struggling to have a child including a pregnancy after infertility message board

  • Pregnant - At Last!
    From "Getting Pregnant - A Guide for the Infertile Couple" by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, MD and Dr. Anjali Malpani, MD

Infertility Links:

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