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PAILS of Hope

Personal Stories

If you'd like to share a pregnancy after loss or infertility story with us, please email cubby editor Maribeth Doerr.

  • Maria's Story ~ Success after three miscarriages

  • Gayesy's Pregnancy After Loss Journal
    Gayesy's son, Nicholas, died in utero around the 15th week from unknown causes in December 2001. Gayesy conceived again and delivered a healthy daughter in February 2002. She's now writing her parenting after loss journal.

  • Silvia's Pregnancy After Loss Journal
    Silvia's first son was stillborn at full term in 1995. Following a miscarriage, she gave birth to Nicky in November 1996. Nicky was born with a very rare skin blistering disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. After a worrisome pregnancy, Silvia delivered a healthy son, Connor, on September 5, 2003.

  • Paths to Parenthood ~ Jennifer Mason's story of in vitro fertilization and the birth of her twins

  • Cubby Editor Maribeth Doerr's One More Try ~ pregnancy after multiple losses

  • A Long, Hard Road to Parenthood
    Written by Krystina Clunk, this is part research paper, part personal story dealing with the emotions involved with infertility.

  • Karin's TTC and Pregnancy Journal
    Karin and her husband, TJ, conceived their first baby after eight long months. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage in November, 2000. Anxious to start their family, the Johnsons have jumped back on the TTC rollercoaster. Karin conceived after 8 cycles and is due in March 2002.

  • Carla's Pregnancy After Miscarriage Journal
    Carla takes us through the last ten weeks of her pregnancy after a miscarriage along with some thoughts from the second trimester and her birth story.

  • Robin's High Risk Pregnancy Journal
    Robin takes us all the way through her high risk pregnancy complicated by chronic hypertension/pre-eclampsia. She delivered at 36 weeks on December 31, 1997. Her first baby, Rachel, was stillborn due to prematurity caused by pre-eclampsia.

  • Tracy's Twin Pregnancy Journal
    Tracy Edmonds conceived triplets following infertility treatment. She lost one of the babies in the first trimester but went on to deliver a healthy boy and girl in 1999. This is her story week by week through her pregnancy including a one year update and two year update.

  • Donna's Pregnancy After Infertility Journal
    Donna conceived via IVF. This is her pregnancy journal week by week through the birth of her healthy son.

  • Kay's Family Building Journal
    After two losses and years of extensive infertility treatments, Kay and her husband adopted a healthy newborn daughter. This is her journal of donor egg procedures and eventually becoming parents through adoption.

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