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     º Be the Anti-Bully: There's No Such Thing as an Innocent Bystander by Jerry Weichman Ph.D.
It's not enough just to know the signs of bullying or how to report to your parents or school administrators that you're being bullied. To be a person of character, to make a difference, to save a life . . . you have to learn how to be an anti-bully.
     º Confidence or Arrogance: What Kind of Child Are You Raising? by Anne Leedom
Experts agree that a child's ability to believe in themselves is a major factor in helping to form the foundation for their emotional, social, academic, and moral development. However, there are critical elements children need to cultivate true confidence rather than arrogance.
     º Five Mistakes Connected Parents Make
Parents are attracted to Connective Parenting because it makes sense. Its foundation is in relationship. Its approach is raising truly responsible, respectful human beings without punishment or blame. As with all endeavors, connected parents make mistakes. Here are the top five.
     º Music Key to Raising Kids' IQ
In past generations, singing and playing instruments was an integral part of family life, a great way to express and entertain yourself and others. We did not realize it, but we were also exercising our brain while we played, causing us to be creative, more vibrant, smarter, etc. Give your child every opportunity and advantage you can. Enroll them in music lessons and watch them grow and mentally develop as they play.


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Featured Article
     º Seven Tips for Building a Better Relationship with Your Children
Interacting with our children can be either an experience that produces good feelings, or a negative one that produces bad feelings. The ability to build warm and supportive relationships with our children is essential to effective parenting. Here are seven positive relationship building tips.

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We have some fabulous parenting journalists who are sharing their parenting ups and downs with us!
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     º Crafts for Kids
Have some fun making crafts with your little ones! We have a project of the months and lots of goodies to pique your interest. [Click Here]



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