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Pack a Healthy School Lunch Your Kids Will Eat

(FeatureSource) It’s back-to-school time, which means back to making those school lunches. Keeping your child’s school lunch nutritious and keeping it out of the trash bin can be tricky. Bridget Swinney, dietician and author of Healthy Food for Healthy Kids (Meadowbrook Press) says, “It takes creativity, compromise, and cunning to get your child to eat nutritional food.”

So, how do you know if your lunches are being eaten? You don’t, but the following tips from Swinney’s book Healthy Food for Healthy Kids will certainly up the odds that the only thing your kids throw in the trash at the end of lunch is a paper bag.

Have your child add to the grocery list foods that she would like in her lunch. Or, bring her to the grocery store with you and let her pick out her own foods- within your nutritional guidelines. Give in to her special requests on occasion (i.e. less-than-healthy snacks). By letting her be part of the process, she’ll feel more in control of what she’s eating, and is likely to eat more of it!

Make a sandwich more fun to eat by cutting it into shapes with cookie cutters. Cut bread with cookie cutters and fill with your favorite sandwich makings. If you are using sandwich makings that are not spreadable, like ham or cheese, cut those into shapes separately.

Re-invent the sandwich! There are a lot more interesting things than peanut butter and jelly that taste good between two slices of bread. Here are some unique suggestions: cream cheese with cucumber slices, hummus, pimiento cheese, apple butter, cream cheese mixed with mashed banana, and cream cheese with blueberries.

Make vegetables more appealing by adding a sidekick. Carrots paired with ranch dressing are more likely to be eaten than carrots by themselves. The same goes for celery and peanut butter, and apples and cheese. It’ll taste so good; your kids won’t remember that they’re eating vegetables.

Keep it cold! Add an ice pack to your child’s lunch to keep it cool while it sits in her locker or classroom. Warm food may lose the battle before it’s even begun!

Obtain a monthly school menu and discuss it with your child. Decide how many times a week and which days she will buy lunch. Help her pick the most nutritional choices and circle the choices you agree to.

Using these lunchtime tips from Healthy Food for Healthy Kids will teach children healthy eating habits and ensure that your child is getting the right nutrition during the school year.

Author: FeatureSource Staff
Article provided courtesy of Feature Source

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