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Mother's Day

True and Funny Mother's Day Laws

(FeatureSource) - Your mother never told you this.and even if she had, you probably wouldn't have believed her. You had to be a mother yourself before discovering these funny truths from "Mother Murphy's Law" by Bruce Lansky (Meadowbrook Press).

-All babies sound alike. But yours is louder.

-The sooner you check a baby's diaper, the sooner you'll find that it's wet.

-After your third child drops the pacifier, you let the dog fetch it for her.

-The quieter it is in the bathroom, the more likely it is your toddler is pouring the goldfish down the toilet.

-The toy your child ignored for months will suddenly become his favorite the minute another child reaches for it.

-It is impossible to pour drinks for two preschoolers perfectly equally.

-The child who starts crying first is the one who's losing the fight.

-A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.which makes the doctor and dentist both rich.

-The only vegetable your child eats cheerfully is jelly beans.

-If you are rejected by your teenagers, don't worry. It only lasts about seven years.

Author: FeatureSouce Staff

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