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Where Does Your Baby Sleep?

Where did your newborn sleep at night ~ in your bed, in a crib/cradle in your room, in his/her own room? If your baby started out in your room, when did you put him/her into his/her own room to sleep at night? Here's what our members said . . .

From Karen . . . When we brought Bradley home from the hospital, he slept in a bassinet in our room for two days. He was just too noisy and I couldn't sleep! Since our home was small, the bassinet was moved into the adjacent bedroom where no monitor was needed, allowing me to get some much needed sleep. At three months he moved into his crib. He's 2 1/2 now and sleeps well in his own room.

From M.R.S.S. . . . My son Daniel has sleep in our bed since the day we brought him home from the hospital. I was breastfeeding him, and it was so convenient to nurse him at night. I recently had to wean him from the breast due to a latch-on problem that could not be corrected. I feel that right now I cannot put him in his own bed. I feel that we still need the closeness we shared in breastfeeding. I am not sure when I will try putting him in his own bed since he is only 7 months old, but when the time is right, I hope we will both know it. He will only be my baby once!

From Kami . . . My daughter is six weeks old and she has slept in her crib in my room since bringing her home from the hospital, except . . . I breastfeed and she wakes up at 2 am for a feeding and will go back to her crib until 4:00 am when I feed her again. The only way she will go back to sleep is if she sleeps on my chest. If I try laying her down in her crib, she'll cry and stay up the rest of the morning. I found out the only way I'll get a little more sleep is to let her sleep with me!!

From Daphenne . . . When my son was a baby, we had the "family bed" thing. I really liked being able to be close to him and vice versa. It was also very convenient for breastfeeding at 2 a.m. He slept in bed with us until he was about a year old, and then went to a crib most nights. He is now three and a half and trades between his room and grandma's. I also think that maybe being close to me also contributed to his only having colic three times.

From Tonya and Mike . . . With our first daughter, we lived in a one bedroom house. She did have her own crib, but slept in our king-size bed with us until she was about 9 months old. I was breastfeeding, so it was idea that we all could get sleep that way. We now have a new home and a new baby. Our baby daughter sleeps in our bed, even though both kids have their own rooms. Our eldest daughter who is now almost 3 years old has never been a problem getting her to sleep in her own room. She even announces when she's ready for bed! We will introduce the baby to sleep in her room when it's time to wean her from the breast to a sippy-cup or when we feel the time is right.

From Melissa . . . Our daughter slept in a bassinet beside our bed for the first three weeks. I couldn't get used to hearing her move and was awake all the time. So we moved her in the crib in her room and used a baby monitor. She hasn't been in our bed (other than when she is sick) since. She is now over 2 and is so comfortable in her own room that she won't sleep in our bed. She thinks it is play time if she is in the bed with us. That should help since we are working on creating #2.

From Dawn C . . . Our son slept in his own crib in our room for the first three months. This was nice for us because at the time we had a small place and it was more convenient for me to get up to feed him at night. I also had the opportunity to learn about the noises he made while sleeping so when he did go into his own room, I wasn't taken back by them over the monitor. At about three months he was in his own room and I have slept better ever since! However, I would never change the length of time he spent with us.

From Dorothea . . . Our baby sleeps with us!!! My baby is breast feed and it sure is easy to just roll over and let her eat. I'm thinking that she will sleep with us forever. That is okay with my husband and myself.

From Angie . . . Both of our daughters slept in a crib in their own room from day one. The room where the baby sleeps shares a wall with our bedroom, plus we had a monitor on, so I was pretty comfortable with that. Our youngest daughter is approaching 18 months, so we're getting close to moving her in to the same room with her big sister who is 3. That will mean a few nights of giggling and frequent trips back to their room, but we're looking forward to them sharing a room together, (and getting our spare bedroom back!).

From Cath . . . Our babies slept in our room for a long time. Babe #1 slept in a crib in our room until he was 16 months and babe #2 was in a crib with us for about 15 months. With our first, I missed him terribly those first few nights, and I checked on him throughout the night. With number 2, I was happy for him to move in with his brother. I loved having them with us and it gave me a sense of closeness to each baby, and made nursing easier too. They often slept in our bed with us, and it was a special time in their lives.

From Lisa H . . . With my first child, we put him right in his own crib in his own room from day one. His room and our room were close enough together that I felt pretty comfortable (and we had a monitor). with my second child, we put her in a bassinet next to the bed at first because she was to share a room with her older brother, and I didn't want him to feel the baby was taking over right off the bat. It was very difficult for me to sleep with the baby that close to me (all of those snuffles, sighs, and grunts!!) I moved her into the living room after the first week or so. After about a month, we put her in the room with her brother.

From Iain . . . I have had three babies in the last three years, and experience has taught me that putting baby in his/her own room at night from birth, leads to better sleep for baby and for parents. If your baby is in your bedroom then you tend to wake up with every small noise or grumble! Better sleep for mums means happier mums which means happier more relaxed babies.

From Karen P . . . My daughter slept in a port-a-crib next to my bed for 3 months. Then she went in her own room in a crib. At 1 year old, she learned to climb out of her bed and came in with me and my husband. She is now 5 and finally about 6 months ago, she moved back in her room. It never really bother me but she just not easy to sleep with. When she was in our room she slept at the foot of the bed or in her sleeping bag on the floor; we tried everything to keep her in her room and we went through a lot of phases before we finally gave up.

From Brenda . . . My daughter Sierra slept in her own room in her crib when we first brought her home. If she awoke at night and was fussy I would just bring her in our room to sleep but for the most part she is good about staying and sleeping in her crib.

From Kathy . . . With my first child, he slept in our room in a cradle and then when he was just a couple weeks old, he went into his own crib in the nursery. I had plenty of advice to not even sleep with him during his naps so that he wouldn't get used to being right next to me. It was not easy being separated from him by walls; it felt like he was far away but now that he is older, he sleeps in his own room and he is not afraid of going to bed by himself and has a good night sleep. I think that is the best way, so that the child and you get a good night's sleep because when they get older you will appreciate the night's rest.

From Lisa O . . . When my two children were newborns, they would sleep in our room in a bassinet. Then when they were about 1 1/2 mos to 2 mos, they started sleeping throughout the night and that's when they slept in their own room.

From Nina . . . Our first child was moved from a bedside cradle to a crib in the nursery at about six weeks old when he began to sleep through the night without feedings. We, however, joined him in his room for about two weeks before we were brave enough to move back to our room which was downstairs. Thank God for baby monitors. Our second child was hospitalized from age 7 weeks to 10 weeks and was therefore with us for a longer period of time. She finally moved to her own room by 11 or 12 weeks of age. We'll have to let you know about the third child, he or she won't be here until July!

From Karen . . . I have two children, one 3 1/2, the other 3 months. Both sleep in my room, and have slept with me and my partner since birth. Despite numerous attempts, I have not been able to get my 3 year-old to sleep in his own room, although he now sleeps in his own bed, in my room. I assume that in the future, when my infant is ready, I will be able to move them both into a room together; my toddler just doesn't like being by himself, and for now, that's OK.

From Kristin . . . My daughter slept in a bassinet on my side of the bed for about 3 months. This made it easy for night-time nursing. At about 3 months, she was sleeping through the night and outgrowing the bassinet. That's when we moved her to her crib in her own room.

From Erinn . . . My baby is two months old today. Last night was the first time she slept in her crib overnight. She has been sleeping in a bassinet beside our bed since we brought her home. I think I have been putting it off because I like having her so close to us. I have to go back to work next month, so I am trying to get to her to sleep in her crib so I can get some restful sleep. Hopefully, she continue to sleep through the night in her crib!!

From Vicky . . . My son slept in our room until he was 3 months old, in a crib. Once he started to sleep through the night, he slept in his own room.

From Lisa C . . . My baby slept on my chest for the first 3 weeks, then in our bed until 9 months . . . then in a crib in my room and still there at 15 months!

From Michelle . . . Our baby will go to sleep only in his carrier. We then place the carrier in his crib which is in our bedroom.

From Sheila . . . I had my newborn son in my room, in a bassinet for six weeks. We decided to move him into his own room / cot so WE could sleep!!! (he was so noisy, kicking his feet crying in his sleep, and snoring !!!) The transition was a difficult one as my son's room is down a fair way from ours, my husband and I slept on our sofa bed in the lounge room for a week as it was much closer than our room. Once I had adjusted to the monitor, I moved back into my own room. (All three of us sleep much better now !!).

From Deanna . . . My first little angel, Rhyann, now thirteen months, slept in a bassinet in our room for two nights. Then we moved her to her own room in her own crib all by herself. Every time she made a little noise, I would wake up thinking she stopped breathing. This drove me nuts, because I probably couldn't do much even if she did. So I just prayed every night that she'd wake up the next morning, and she did. She was sleeping through the night by seven weeks, occasionally up for a bottle, but all is well. She also had to sleep with one of those side sleepers till she was about 8 months, then she just got too big.

We are expecting our next daughter in March or early April, and she will stay in our room only long enough for big sis to get used to her being in the house, then, she's on her own!! Mommy needs her sleep!

From Commandcpl . . .Our first child slept in a bassinet in our room for the first week. We then put her in her own room with the monitor on. This worked the best for my husband and I. We found that with her in the room, we did not sleep. We were so concerned with every hiccup we heard, that we ended up watching her most of the night. With her in her own room, we were still very in tune with what was going on, but were not awakened by every little baby noise she made. We still slept light enough that if she needed us, we were there.

From Reesie . . .When we brought Kaitlyn home, she slept in a bassinet right next to my side of the bed for only one month. I had heard that the later you wait to put them in their own room, the harder it is, so we decided she would stay with us for 1 month in her bassinet and then off to her crib in her own room. It worked great for us and from the time she moved into her own room, after about 3 days, she slept through the night with no problems.

From Teresa . . . Our first child slept in a bassinet in our room until she was about 4 months. However I often put her in bed with me during the midnight feedings. We put her in her room at 4 months in a crib. My husband worked nights so anytime she woke up I put her in our bed. I confess there were times I actually woke her up. I liked the closeness we had in sharing our bed. Our second baby slept in the bassinet for about 3 months. Then he graduated to the crib. The only way he would go to sleep as a baby was to be put in his bed, then he would go right to sleep. Again if he would wake up at night, he was welcomed in our bed. When he was taken out of the crib and put in a big bed, the midnight visits increased. Our third child however is another story. He slept fairly well in the bassinet but not in the crib. He would fall asleep while eating and when I would put him in the crib he would wake up screaming. When I put him in the big bed, he would stay asleep. He is 16 months old and has not slept in a crib for months. He sleeps in a toddler bed now, but I lay down with him every night. All 3 of our children are always welcome in our bed in the middle of the night and sometimes start out there. None of our children have ever had colic and they are all happy and secure children. Our only problem now is that we need a larger bed.

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