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Tips for Flying with Baby, 6+ months
A Collection of Tips From StorkNet Members

From Lsibell: We had them gate check the stroller and store it on the plane. Buy an umbrella stroller to take with you. The others are too big and unwieldy in an airport and trying to bring on the plane. Bring lots of finger food snacks for the plane ride. And buy some new quiet toys or books to entertain him when he gets bored on the plane. Make sure you don't let him play with them ahead of time.

From Wenzday: I took my stroller all the way to the gate and then checked it. That way they have it for you the minute you get off the plane! Bring three different beverages in different cups. Bring toys for the fight--enough to hold their interest the whole time!!! Expect once you get there that things won't always go along with the schedule because sleeping and naps are way off!

From Karen Q.P.: Check your stroller at the gate. You'll get a ticket for it at the gate and you just wheel it down the jet way and leave it at the door right before you get on the plane. They will bring it back to that same spot at the next airport. Have the baby drink something on the ascents and descents so his ears will pop. Try to fly during regular nap times. Take lots of snacks and drinks. Don't carry any more than you have to on the plane. Check everything but toys/snacks/diapers. The less stuff you're trying to deal with the better.

From Alyeska: We took the girls on a four hour flight when they were 13 months old. You are doing the right thing about getting a seat for him. We in-lapped and I told DH were never going to do that again! Check the stroller at the gate...umbrellas are the way to go!

Tips...I put a bunch of snacks in those small plastic bags (half the size of sandwich bags and gave them to the girls when they were hungry or antsy. They were closely supervised due to the plastic and it might be more of a toy then food, but it worked for a little while. Give something for the up and down. Binkys work, but take a bunch with you since they like to drop them. Also the plastic cups the flight attendants have for drinks are great to play with and make noise. Another thing we did was right before we got on the plane we bought some french fries and nuggets for the girls to eat on the plane. Oh and we also boarded close to the end so that made it as little as possible on the plane.

From LisaJo: Gate check the stroller! A nursing baby will virtually never complain during takeoff and landing. Bring lots of snacks, and some favorite books/toys, along with some new ones. Agree between you and DH that you will share responsibilities, and each one will step in before the other gets too frustrated.

From Lsibell: We brought our Pack n play with us and just checked it as a piece of luggage . . . she used it for naps when we were at my dad's house since that is who we were visiting all day.

From Lorraine: We checked the stroller at the gate. We rolled it all the way up the skyway and left it by the plane. It was waiting for us when we got off the plane - great! We brought the full size stroller and were really glad we did. We did a lot of walking and he sometimes snoozed in it, which he couldn't do in the umbrella stroller.

Bring lots of snacks and small toys on the plane. (Randy played with two legos for nearly an hour.) Be prepared for uncomfortable diaper changes if you need to do it on the plane. There are no changing tables. We had to go back to the galley and change him on the floor. He hated it, but it was really the only option.

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