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Welcome to StorkNet's Parenting Tweens & Teens Cubby
What's New
  • The Gaming Monster: Is it Hiding Under Your Child's Bed?
It's 2:00 am and you see light coming from under your son's bedroom door. You go in to check and find he is still up playing his favorite video game. Has he been playing all night? Is he an addict? You find you are filled with panic, as you just know this can't be good. Expert Alyson Schafer shares her tips.

Conversation of the Month
  • Have your teen's difficult friends been a problem for you and what have you done about it?
Share your thoughts here.

  • Raising Teens on a Tight Budget ~ Share your budgeting tips with us . . . what do you do to teach your teens about budgeting? Email us your suggestions. We want to hear from you!

Featured Article
  • Should I Discourage My Kids From Joining a Social Network?
The future of social media and our young children's participation in it is something parents should look forward to, not dread. That being said, it's easy to wonder exactly what we have to look forward to when there seems to be so much for parents to worry about. Learn more from Mary Kay Hoal.

  • Send us your ideas!
Looking for something specific on parenting tweens and teens? We need your suggestions for future topics! Share your ideas with us. [Click Here]

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