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Welcome to StorkNet's Parenting Tweens & Teens Cubby
What's New
  • Getting Ahead of the Holidays: 4 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday Season
Without warning the holiday season can wreak havoc on the most sane middle school families. Get ahead of the holiday rush by creating a clear vision for how you want to be. Author Joe Bruzzese, MA shows us how.
  • Five Tips to Curb Your Child's Cheating Ways
As technology has evolved to provide a vast wealth of information at anytime, anywhere, cheating has never been easier. From classmates receiving completed homework via a mass Email to answers popping up on I-Phones during a test, cheating has become as simple as text messaging. Here are five ways to prevent your teenagers from falling to such temptation, assuring that they are attending school to learn rather than to learn how to cheat.
  •  Creating the Perfect Study Area for Teens
If your teenager is like most, studying and homework can be nightly issues. One way to lessen the stress of homework is to create a study area that is equipped with all the things that your student will need. These tips below will help you create a nook perfect for homework completion and will lessen the nightly anxiety of tackling the work that needs to be done.

Conversation of the Month
  • Have your teen's difficult friends been a problem for you and what have you done about it? ~ Share your thoughts with us here.
  • Raising Teens on a Tight Budget ~ Share your budgeting tips with us . . . what do you do to teach your teens about budgeting? Email us your suggestions. We want to hear from you!

Featured Article
  • What to Do When Your Teen Chooses Bad Friends
The number one issue that worries parents about their teens is bad friends. The number one cause of teens getting into trouble is bad friends. What can you do about it? Anthony Kane, MD, shares his advice.[Click Here]

  • Send us your ideas!
With our brand new cubby, we need your suggestions for future topics! Share your ideas with us. [Click Here]

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