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Creating the Perfect Study Area for Teens
by Jessica Ackerman
If your teenager is like most, studying and homework can be nightly issues. One way to lessen the stress of homework is to create a study area that is equipped with all the things that your student will need. Unlike homework of old, much of today's homework is centered around the computer, so knowing exactly what to include in a study area can be confusing. The tips below will help you create a nook perfect for homework completion and will lessen the nightly anxiety of tackling the work that needs to be done.

The first thing to consider when designing a study area is the location. If your home has multiple children, a busy kitchen may not be the perfect spot to create a quiet area. Look for somewhere in the house that is quiet, out of the way and semi-private. If your teen has his or her own bedroom, that is the perfect spot. However, if your teen shares a bedroom with a younger sibling, the bedroom will probably be filled with distractions. The study area does not need to be large, but it does need to be able to accommodate a desk or table, a chair, and a shelving unit for storage. Once the location has been determined, it is time to move on to picking out the furniture.

A solid desk or table is essential for the study area. The teen needs a place to set-up his laptop, spread out his school books and organize his notes. A desk that is too small will make the process that much harder and homework time even more frustrating. If the study area is in the corner of a room, consider getting a corner desk that offers ample surface space, as well as, storage space that is usually above or below the desk itself.

A comfortable desk chair is also essential. Teens spend the majority of their days sitting in hard, uncomfortable chairs at school. When homework time comes around, the last thing most teens want to do is sit in another uncomfortable chair. By providing a comfortable chair, you are not only keeping your student more comfortable, you are also helping improve posture and alleviating upper and lower back strain.

It may be tempting to load up on cute office supplies to outfit the teen's study area, but the fewer distractions that there are, the better it often is. Have one area of the desk's storage designated for office supplies like a stapler, staples, paper clips, lined paper, printer paper, highlighters, etc. A clock somewhere in the study nook is also helpful, because it helps students keep track of the time they are spending on a project. A computer, printer and Internet access are a must for any teen study area, because so much of their work revolves around the use of technology. Another tool that might be helpful for the student to have in the study area is a desktop or wall calendar, as it can be used to mark assignment due dates. Do not forget to make sure that the study area is well lit. Poor lighting can make even the most studious of teens struggle with homework.

About the Author:
Artist, Jessica Ackerman, is a consultant with WallDecorandHomeAccents.com and describes how to decorate with music notes wall art andgrapes wall decor.

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