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How do you sign your holiday cards?
~ a message board archive
If you would like to add your thoughts to this archive, please let us know! We'd love to share your ideas.

From Lorrieann ~ How do you sign your holiday cards? Do you sign the name of your departed child? Do you leave the name off? For three years going on four this issue has torn me. I usally sign our names and then stamp an angel in the corner. Most people probably have no idea what the angel means but it brings me comfort. What are you going to do this year?

From Mama2rzl ~ Last year this tortured me. I played around with ideas, and I finally came up with a little symbol I now put on all family communication. I write all our names, and then put a little heart with an "L" inside at the end. I don't know if anyone realizes what the meaning is, but it makes me feel like I am including him.

From Mom2LibnAustin ~ Last Christmas I just couldn't bring myself to do anything. I didn't even decorate. It was just too painful. This year we have Austin and it will be his first Christmas, so I really need to be in festive spirits for his sake if nothing else. As much as I dearly miss Lib, I probably won't sign her name to my cards. But I really really like your idea about the angel stamp. I may do that as well, if you don't mind me borrowing your idea?!

From ChristieS ~ I have a friend who lost her daughter 6 years ago. She said up until last year she signed her daughter's name on every card she sent out. She said she has stopped doing it because people questioned her too much. I make my own Christmas cards and this year I'm putting a poem on the front and "In Loving Memory of Mikie" so I don't think I'll write his name on the inside. I really like both the angel and heart ideas. I'm sure I'll use those sometime.

From mommy2mack&dev ~ This will be our second Christmas but first time sending out cards. I'm not sure what to do. I so want to add Ryan's name ever ytime time I send something out but I am afraid of how people will react. I don't think anyone really understands. I do like the angel idea; I might have to 'borrow' that idea.

From zoeysmom ~ I have also been struggling with how to include Zoey in family letters and cards. I don't know if I'll always do this, but for now I've been using her handprint. I scanned in the ink prints we got from the hospital, and then resized one of the handprints so it was pretty tiny and typed "Zoey" below it. Then, if I'm typing the letter, I just insert it as a graphic at the bottom. If it's handwritten, I print one out and paste it on.

From JM ~ The first Christmas I signed them with Harvey's name but that didn't get a good reception. I have felt so guilty these past years that I have not included him but I really like the stamp and heart idea and will use one of those from now on. THANK YOU!!!!!!

From Margaret ~ Yes, I will never leave him off. I end my Christmas letter with this in smaller, fancier text.

and when he shall die,
take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
and pay no worship to the garish sun.
~ William Shakespeare
In memory of Noah Christian

From firsttimer ~ We have a stamp with a cherub hanging from the moon in a bucket catching stars. I use blue ink for the stamp and sign Brycen's name in the moon.

From GothicQueen ~ I usually sign with our names and then say "& three Angels." I then put some twinklie marks around the 'three angels' part. I don't much care if people don't like it. I wouldn't object to them signing their child's name; why should they object to mine?

From Scout ~ Last year I didn't send out holiday cards (I boycotted the holidays). This year, we had photo greeting cards printed with my new son's picture on them and signed them from the three of us. I didn't include my stillborn son. Most people just don't understand, so I didn't bother. Maybe I should have, though . . .

From twinmomma ~ Last year, we included a tribute poem to Luke. This year, i think I will use a heart with his initial. Thanks for the ideas!

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