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pregnancy/infant loss cubby

Meet Our Cubby Editor Maribeth Doerr
Hello! I'm Maribeth, your cubby editor for our Pregnancy/Infant Loss Support area. I'm so terribly sorry you have to be here, whether you've lost a baby yourself or you know someone who has. We never expect to experience such heartache or to bury our children. Grief is a lonely experience, but I hope you'll realize that you aren't alone on StorkNet. We're here for you, and it is my hope that you'll find comfort through our cubby. Please let me know how we can help.

I have been working with bereaved parents since 1983 as a result of my own heartbreaking losses. My oldest son, Andrew, was stillborn due to placenta previa, chorioamnionitis, and premature labor. Three years later, my second baby, Mark Adam, was born nine days overdue. He suffered severe asphyxia, possibly from a cord accident, and died at 5 1/2 days old. After Mark's death, I experienced two first trimester miscarriages. Eight and a half years after I started my quest for a family, I was successful with the birth of Eric after a high risk pregnancy. He spent a scary week in NICU and was hypersensitive for many months. Today, he is very healthy and happy. When Eric was 19 months old, Chad Michael entered the world - our surviving twin. David had died in the second trimester, and we're very grateful and blessed that Chad was born as healthy as he was at 36 weeks. After a rocky three years and intermittent health problems since then, Chad is a robust young man with a heart of gold. Motherhood is a gift like no other, and I thank God everyday for the gift of these boys.

I realized that I needed an outlet to process my grief. I was involved in local support groups for many years but wanted to do more. I founded Pen-Parents, Inc. in 1988 to provide a support network for parents. I also began writing and speaking at conferences. In addition to writing several articles and a booklet on marriage, For Better Or Worse, I also founded the PAILS of Hope Newsletter, a bi-monthly newsletter for pregnancy after loss and co-authored a booklet with Sherokee Ilse called Another Baby? Maybe . . .Thirty Questions on Pregnancy After Loss. It is my hope that my experience and training will help you as you journey through the grief process.

Gentle hugs,
Maribeth Doerr

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