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pregnancy/infant loss cubby

Welcome to our Pregnancy/Infant Loss Cubby
I'm sorry you have to be here, whether you've lost a baby or you know someone who has. It's certainly not something we plan for or even expect. We hope you'll find support and hope in our very special cubby.

What's New
     • What have you done to remember your baby?
This is a message board archive where StorkNet members share how they remember their babies. Feel free to send us your thoughts and suggestions!

     • Rebuilding Intimacy After Profound Loss by Paul Coleman, Psy.D.
This article was written to cover all types of profound loss. However, the tenets of this article hold true for pregnancy/infant loss as well. Losing a baby is a profound loss, and given that sexual intimacy played a part in conceiving the baby, such intimacy is usually greatly affected when the baby dies. Please read Dr. Coleman's article for more information.

Featured Article
     º Ways to Support a Grieving Parent
Do you know someone who has lost a baby? Wondering what to say (or even what NOT to say)? Here are some tips written for you by bereaved parents.

And Don't Forget
     º Remembrance Rose Garden
Submit your baby's name for posting in our Rose Garden. Your child will not be forgotten in this place of honor.
     º For Family and Friends - Dos and Don'ts ~ Share your thoughts with us. What things did family and friends say or do that were helpful and what things were not helpful? We'll add to the list we've started here.
     º Pregnancy After Loss:
If you're thinking of having another baby after a loss, visit our PAILS of Hope cubby (PAILS=pregnancy/parenting after infertility and/or loss support)
     º Meet our PIL Cubby Editor Maribeth Doerr. Feel free to Email Maribeth with your suggestions and comments for this cubby.

Maribeth Doerr

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