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Postpartum Depression

PMS Symptoms and PPD
By Karen Kleiman, MSW
Karen KleimanQ. I've been feeling really good for the last three weeks, been off Prozac for over six weeks, and we're all doing really well. Maddie's a joy (and sleeps through the night!!!). But the last week I've been irritable, short tempered, and generally down. I know I would always get PMS before, but this is like PMS on steroids. I go back to work in a month. I'm already starting to think about it. I'm sort of looking forward to the adult interaction again, but I hate to miss a minute with Maddie. I'm feeling so torn and conflicted. I'm pretty sure that's contributing too.

A. Many women report that PMS symptoms worsen after PPD. We are not sure exactly what the link is, but there seems to be a sensitivity to hormonal changes, which is why some women opt to continue with meds even after PPD has resolved. This is because the increase in Serotonin continues to ease the PMS symptoms.

So see how it goes for a while. Chart your symptoms for a couple of months. If it continues to trouble you, talk with your doctor and see what options are available to you.

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