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StorkNet's Week By Week Guide to Pregnancy



Taking your basal body temperature
by Donna Balo, CNM, MS
Q. I will be trying to conceive in a couple of months, and I have started to take my temperature to begin to track my cycle. My question is this, lately the kids have been getting up throughout the night and early morning. Will this effect my temperature reading? How many hours do I have to be sleeping/still to get an accurate reading?

A. Charting your BBT works best if you take it the same time every day, after at least three hours of sleep, before you get out of bed. It is possible, if you are getting up with the little ones, that your reading will not be accurate. Perhaps your husband can get up with the kidlets for now.

The little ones do seem to sense when things they are changing. You may want to hold off charting until they are not getting up. That may help you stay calm and be less stressed. They do seem to know these things, don't they! Good luck TTC!

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