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How Long to Conceive the Second Time Around
by Donna Balo, CNM, MS
Donna BaloQ. It took about a year for me to conceive the first time. Can I expect it to take that long again or is each time totally independent of the last? I want to wait until my son is at least 15-16 months so there is some time between them but I'm just wondering what your opinion is.

A. How long? Who knows! All you can do is have fun practicing and know sometimes we don't have control of such things!

I don't think you were asking for my opinion about spacing, but from a medical standpoint, it is generally thought best to wait at least a year from birth to conception. That way your body is more ready to carry another pregnancy both for your benefit and for the new baby.

Enjoy your son - you will never have this time in your life again!

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