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Best Thing About Being Pregnant
~ A message board archive

We all know that pregnancy has its ups and downs. But what is your absolute favorite thing about being pregnant? Let's make a reminder list for those down days . . .

From Jelly-Anne ~ Hands down, feeling the baby move and watching your belly roll and wiggle when they get active. Love it!

From Tami C ~ I loved everything about being pregnant. Feeling the baby move, knowing in my heart that I was building a new person, seeing how my husband would look at me with total adoration for the miracle we were making together. And, on a purely selfish level, I loved all the attention. Never in my life was I doted on, catered to, and treated more like a princess than when I was pregnant. I never had to carry groceries, or drag a laundry hamper up or down the stairs. I was able to opt out of cooking on hot days, and bundle deep in blankets on cold ones. I liked being the focus of so much love.

From ElizabethJ ~ I loved my big ol' belly and feeling the baby move! Absolute best thing about being pregnant!!!

From megbender ~ Feeling the baby move is not only the best part of pregnancy but a completely amazing experience that can't be explained. It's truly a miracle!

From davismommy ~ The gentle baby kicks. Not the rolling ones, those creep me out.

From JulieD ~ Just creating life is the best part but that's kind of overall - I love being constantly aware that there is someone else with me. Specifically my favorite part about pregnancy is the birth. I would do their labor and delivieries both again in an instant.

From summergirl ~ I love birth, too. I'd give birth again. Plus, I love my body best when I'm about seven-eight months pregnant. That great, big belly is just amazing! I adore my pregnant belly. I also love maternity clothes. Honestly, I don't think I've ever felt more beautiful than I do when I'm pregnant. And when the baby moves... whole afternoons (okay, nights) can be spent just feeling those knobby little limbs poke around. It's just blissful.

From hpy2bamom ~ Laying down in the evening and the baby becoming active . . . definitely my favorite part.

From Scout ~ Not having to suck your stomach in.

From Susue ~ Getting dressed for work and not having to worry "Do I look fat in this outfit?"

From bugsmom ~ Naming the child. And . . . Having a good excuse to not shave my legs.

From irinak ~ I agree - naming the child. I also love the feeling that my body is creating/supporting a life. Such an awesome responsibility and little ol' me (yes ME!) was entrusted with such a huge task.

From Carly ~ I was sick so much and in the hospital so long that it's hard to think of anything I liked about the experience. So, the one thing that got me through was knowing that it wasn't forever, that this too would pass. I know - probably not the most positive thing but when you're going through a hard time, especially with horrible morning sickness, knowing that I wouldn't be that way forever was a huge help!

From LisaLooLoo ~ For me, it was spending time dreaming what my child would look like and be like. Fantasizing about the perfect child. I knew I wouldn't get the perfect child but just dreaming of how she would look - would she be like me and look like DH or ??? It was just so sweet to dream so much and not feel guilty about it. And while I didn't get the perfect child, she exceeded my dreams in every way!

From Shannon ~ Just to add to the list, my dog and I bonded in a special way that was really amazing to me. She seemed to know I was pregnant and she'd lay her head on my tummy. She didn't mind when the baby kicked her, and she was constantly by my side, even more protective than she was. The look in her eyes when she'd look at me was amazing - as if she knew my soul and the baby's too!

From LoisV ~ Eating a cookie and not feeling guilty. Plus my hair grew thick and fast which was fabulous!!

From CCDoo ~ Knowing that loving my guy created this new little extension to our family. We fell in love all over again.

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