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Creating the Nursery
~ A message board archive

When did you start putting together the nursery? Did you go crazy or did you not worry about everything matching, being new, or even put together? If you didn't do the nursery, when did you, if you ever did?

If you have more than one baby, did you do the same things with subsequent babies or were you more relaxed about it?

Share your thoughts with us!

From Viketory: I'm not a theme person so I generally took it easy. The nursery was only half done when I had my son; he was born earlier than planned and my mom was finishing up the painting when we came home. Everything was used, he didn't sleep in his nursery, never has actually, it's been a clothes/diaper changing room. I did paint a dresser white and changed the color of the walls. I decorated with an old fire truck and some horses on a bookshelf and hung up artwork done by friends, that was about it. I'd probably do the same thing again.

From bugsmom: We had a baby Snoopy theme for my son and my daughter. We moved into our Condo when my daughter was 6 weeks old and about 3 months before my son was born we moved into our house. My daughter was very simple and included the bedding and some framed art work. My son has the bedding now and his room is 3 walls light green one wall light blue with stars and moon wallies to coordinate with the Snoopy bedding. I believe in using the same bedding over and over for each kid.

From Djhdo: Since my son was born at the end of January, I wanted his room ready before Thanksgiving so I could focus on Christmas at my house.

We painted the walls white with primary colored shapes. My parents updated the crib I had used as a child to the new safety standards. We got the furniture my husband had loaned to the neighbor back to use in the room - a dresser and a desk. The desk has a black laminate top and is very sturdy so we ended up using that as the diaper changing table (we can still use it at 20 months and 25 lbs). We had some bookshelves in the room from using it as a storage/game area that we just left in the room and put books and diapers, etc on. A rug on the floor and we were done. No special bedding (just some light blue sheets as a gift from my mom and some receiving blankets as gifts).

While we were done early, we didn't do a "theme" or even have everything perfectly match. It looks great and he doesn't sleep there anyway. He does however, get his diapers changed there and plays there.

From ink-stained mom: With my son, we did a Dr. Seuss theme on the walls -- rented an overhead projector and traced characters onto the walls. We didn't go with specialty bedding or anything -- just bright primary colors. And, of course, Michael spent the first two years of his life sleeping in our room.

With Julia, we didn't have the space (ran out of rooms) and we knew she'd be sleeping with us for a while, so she kind of missed out. But with a girl, I'd want to wait till she's older to do some fun decorating anyway.

I don't regret putting the time and effort into Michael's room. He loves the characters (and so does Julia) and it was a wonderful way to get into "baby mode" while we waited. He was born in October and we did most of it in July and August. We had to take precautions because of my pregnancy -- masks and ventilation, and Mike did most of the painting.

From susanw: We finished the nursery about a month before our daughter was born and there was sort of a theme - but more like just matching stuff from one of the Babies R Us collections of bedding and accessories. We got everything in the "Gossamer Wings" collection which is sort of a butterfly theme.

From sharon3500: I am doing a bear theme for his nursery. I want to have the nursery finished by Christmas, 7 weeks ahead of time, so I don't have to worry about it just in case he comes early. I would like to have it done earlier but my husband seems to think we should wait. I guess when you're not the one doing it, it doesn't matter to them when it gets done. I wish it was done now because Christmas is coming fast and I haven't even begun that part of shopping yet.

From CNYMom: With my first daughter everything had to be from the same theme and we had the room done at least 2 1/2 months before she was born. And after our baby shower, everything was put together and stored.

Now with our second, I have 8 more weeks to go (if I make it that far), and two major holidays to get through before he is expected - I'm now just starting to wash things and still have to buy the paint for his room. This theme will be transportation and I've been finding things at stores to finish his room in.

So this time - I'm much more relaxed!!

From Jelly-Anne: When our 1st was born, we were in a 1 bedroom place so he didn't have his own room. When he got his own room, I did it in a unisex theme because I knew I would be moving him to the bigger room and the baby room would be for a new baby as well. It's done in a Pooh theme. Bottom part of walls in yellow, top in blue with a Pooh border separating the two. Pooh decals on the walls. It's not overkill of a certain theme as the crib set isn't Pooh. It worked out great since the next baby was a girl and fine for her too.

From hpy2bamom: Nursery rooms are overrated and a lot of money spent on stuff that could be better spent on stuff that will get used. I don't know what I did wrong but the only kids to sleep in the crib were the twins and probably because they had each other. They were a surprise and I never "decorated" their room but did have the same theme for all my children . . . Peter Rabbit . . . still love it but got rid of it.

I don't know why anyone buys the bedding stuff. Seems silly to me . . . pretty but silly. I am definitely the underdog in my opinion. I just remember spending all that money (which I didn't haved to spend) on a beautiful nursery decor and my child not using it. Nor did #2, #3 . . . sigh. This time I am going for the crib in the corner of our room and hope that Little Ivan will sleep in it!

From CodeNameMom: We had just moved into our house shortly before my daughter's arrival and I knew my daughter would just share our room so I didn't bother too much. I had a Baby Looney toons stuff hand-me-downs so we used that. There was a sheet, bumper, and receiving blanket in that. I purchased a fuzzy bugs blanket to go with it but I wouldn't have spent lots of $$$ on a set. I set the crib up next to our bed as a side-car so I did really use the stuff and as a result my daughter LOVES tweety. But I would say that the cheaper the decor the better as I was ready to do away with the baby stuff after about a year.

From Melanie: I loved the original Real Love pattern (we're Lennon fans), but I am entirely too practical to spend good money on something like designer crib bedding. We painted the animals, the palm tree, and the sun on the walls, and bought store brand crib sheets and bumper. I already had a lavendar valence for the window that someone found at a garage sale, and my husband's wonderful aunt made the most amazing quilt in the appropriate colors and characters. I loved that room and cried when we moved. I still got the theme I wanted, but spent almost no money on it. I had an old matching book shelf and TV stand/entertainment unit that we put in the room. That entertainment unit made a perfect changing table. The contoured pad sat on top of it and the pull-out drawers made for VHS tapes were used to hold diapers, etc.

With my daughter, I picked colors I liked and again used paint to accomplish my theme more than bought items. I did get a PBK crib bumper and valence that complimented the room as gifts. The rest was store brand bedding. I still think it's a beautiful room, and it doesn't scream "baby". It won't have to change until she's ready for it to. We were given a really neat old dresser by my mother-in-law, and it serves double duty as a changing table.

I love to decorate, but I'm cheap at heart, so I always have to be fairly creative.

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