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Top Beautiful Hair Advice for the Expectant Mother
by Meri Scals

During pregnancy there is nothing more important than taking care of yourself, so why do so many women suffer through nine months of grey hair and roots?

In my 21 years of cosmetology experience as a master colorist and educator, I have found a number of great alternative methods of hair coloring to keep your hair looking gorgeous. Unfortunately, so many women don't really know what looks best on them, here are some of my easy hair color tips for a great outcome.

If you have fine/thinning hair ask your stylist for:

  • Fine hi-lites in a complimentary neutral tone.
  • Demi or Semi color glaze in a rich tone 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural color.
  • Ask for a deeper/richer color at the roots and fine face framing hi-lites moderately spaced apart. (This gives an a great illusion of thickness to thin areas.)
  • Do not over lighten fine/thinning hair; this emphasizes sparse areas.

If you have medium/thick curly hair ask for:

  • Demi or Semi color glaze in a shade close to your natural shade.
  • Demi or Semi color in a trendy fashion shade 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural.
  • Face framing hi-lites or low-lites; which are low maintenance and brightening.
  • Do not over process or over lighten; this causes breakage and frizz.

Color with little or no ammonia is favorable. A slower, gentle color process is always favorable. Fast, aggressive color causes cuticle damage which results in frizzy, dry hair.

Ask your stylist for all the different options they have to offer. Don't be afraid to ask!! You're paying for a service. Now that you have the color you want, go for a hairstyle that will make you look and feel great. How many times have you gotten a NEW haircut only to leave the salon disappointed or in tears? The first step is choosing a hairstyle that will compliment your face shape.

The ideal face shape is oval, the general idea is to create an illusion of the 'ideal' face shape. During pregnancy, women tend to retain fluid and swell especially in the face, so here are a few tips to accentuate your face and not draw negative focus:

  • Round - If your face is round, ask for height and volume on top. Little or no volume at the sides; layer and textures work well.

  • Square - If you have a square shaped face, opt for volume around the areas between the temples and jaw. Avoid severe lines. Soft wispy styles work well.

  • Triangular - If your face is triangular, look for a style with volume at the temples, some height on top; a soft fringe works well. Avoid a bob style.

  • Oblong - If your face shape is oblong, look for a style that is flattering on top. Hair should not be worn too long. Chin length is more desirable.

  • Diamond - If your face is diamond shaped, opt for fullness at the forehead and jawline; avoid styles that lift away from the cheekbones.

Ok, so now you've identified your face shape and you can move onto the actual haircut. Here are my foolproof haircut tips for nine months of maternity hair bliss. You want to look your best during pregnancy so don't go for a radical haircut based on hormonal mood swings. Believe me, I've been there, done that!! Remember, always stick with what works. I recommend after all my professional experiences to ask for a "tweaked" or "updated" version of your favorite pre-pregnancy hair style. Why? Simply because pregnancy hormones amplify your emotions and a spontaneous decision for a quick fix may result in "bad" hair. Not what you need on your maternity journey! Trust me when I say, don't go radical, don't go short if you always had long hair, and don't get a blunt cut if your face is swollen. Opt for a re-shaping of your favorite cut and add a few gorgeous hi-lites.

Expressing what you want and achieving optimal beauty goes a long way when you're on the maternity journey. For more beauty advice on hair color, styles, nails, skin and personal development for the expectant mother go to

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