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Unwanted Belly Touching
StorkNet Visitor Comments - How You Handled It!

A pregnant belly does not have a bulls-eye on it, contrary to popular belief. If you don't want to be touched there's no reason why you should be subjected to it. Stand your ground and put an end to the touchy-feelies.

Here's what you're saying about stopping the touchy-feelies . . .

From Hannah ~ A teenage girl at my church, whom I rarely ever talk to, continually asks to touch my belly; I've told her two or three times that he's asleep and touching my belly usually wakes him up. She finally got the point after about the third time.

From Angie ~ With my first pregnancy, every person that I talked to found out right away that I don't like to be touched. That was basically the first thing that people knew about my pregnancy so I really didn't get much unwanted groping! I'm 16 weeks with my second pregnancy, and the only one who's greeted the baby so far has been my own brother. No else so far . . .

From Lena ~ Another word of advice you could give (and it's something I have done with my first pregnancy and about to do with my second) is have the mother-to-be make a shirt that claime no touching . . . I made mine with the due date (requently asked question!), the gender, and simply stated on the bottom of it, "NO YOU CAN'T TOUCH!" It worked on the days that I wore the shirt . . . and this time I might make multiple shirts to have all the time!

From Andrea ~ Before I started showing, I made a big deal to the people in my workplace out of how it always bothered me that strangers would touch my sister-in-law's pregnant tummy. I always made sure to say that it really made me feel uncomfortable. So, once I started showing, I didn't have any unwanted hands at work.

What have you done to stop the touchy-feelies? Let us know!

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