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Announcing the Newest Family Addition

The baby is coming! The baby is coming!

Okay, what worked well for Paul Revere when announcing the arrival of the Redcoats will not be quite as effective for you!

This baby has been eagerly anticipated and deserves a proper "coming out" shout, thus, the birth announcement.

Narrowing it Down

There are announcements to suit every taste, and if something in particular cannot be found, there are custom baby announcements available for purchase, or print software and cardstock available for parents to make their own. Selecting the right announcement can be both fun and daunting. There is so much to choose from, but the perfect announcement for each baby can be found. There are drivers license announcements, post card announcements, edible announcements, photo announcements, and announcements available in every size, shape, color and print that can be conceived (excusing the pun.)

'It's in There' but what exactly is it?

The birth announcement typically contains the parents' name, along with the baby's name, weight, length, date and time of birth, and often even a photo. The birth is "announced" by the parents and his or her siblings (if any.) However, it is up to the parents to determine exactly what information they'd like to include. It could include more information like the names of grandparents, less information like the baby's name and date of birth or anything in between. Birth announcements are available for adopted children and multiple births as well - options are limitless.

The Who's Who

Birth announcements should be delivered to every person who attended, provided a baby gift, or was invited and unable to attend the baby shower. In addition, birth announcements are mailed to relatives, near and far, to let them know that a new family member should be added to the family tree, as well as friends and sometimes even acquaintances. The rule of thumb is to send an announcement to everyone you'd like to relay the news to. Make it easy on yourself and make a list early and add to it as needed, for simplicity, start with a baby shower guest list and let it grow from there.

The Delivery

Birth announcements can be pre-ordered and envelopes mailed in advance, so parents can address and stamp them before the baby is born, and birth information can be provided to their company of choice when available. This is a wonderful way of making the most of the "leisure time" before the baby arrives, after which free-time will be non-existent. Birth announcements should be mailed as soon as possible after the birth, but new parents should not stress-out about getting them in the mail. It's completely acceptable to receive announcements up to six months after birth, but that's the maximum. Everyone understands exactly how busy and sleep-deprived new parents can be.

Enjoy the birth announcements selection process. If you're feeling creative, feel free to design your own for a completely unique announcement, select a ready-made one, or have one custom designed from the oodles of online and traditional birth announcement companies.

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Written by StorkNet Staff Writer Kim Green-Spangler

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