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Donna BaloDecreased Fetal Movement
by Donna Harvel Balo ARNP, CNM, MS

Q. I am 30 weeks and have noticed decreased movement from my baby. He does still move just not often (more squirming than kicking). I was wondering if this is normal at this stage or if it something to worry about?

A. It is often suggested that women do a "kick count" beginning at 28 weeks. The baby's movement does change as they run out of room. However, women are often tuned in to the movement and sleep/wake cycles of the baby.

We can often help to stimulate a baby to wake up. Drink two glasses of cold water or juice and lay on your left side - that often will wake a sleepy baby. If there is a change, it needs to be reported RIGHT THEN. Usually a non-stress test is ordered to make sure all is well. This is not meant to scare anyone or make you crazy worrying about it. Just be aware of the baby and report anything out of the ordinary as soon as possible!

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