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Finding Out Baby's Sex

Have you (or did you) find out your baby's sex before delivery? Why or why not? If so, what test did you use (ultrasound or amniocentesis)? If you have delivered, was the test correct?

From darcye ~ I did not "officially" find out. With my first baby, the technician said, "I think it's a boy but don't quote me." The ultrasound was in a hospital and very businesslike. With my second pregnancy, I did not even ask, but my heart said girl, and I was right. Incidentally, my first child was a boy. With my third baby, I didn't ask and they didn't tell. About two weeks before birth, I thought the child was a boy. I was right. If there is a fourth pregnancy, I will ask. I think I have had enough surprises!

From mmgunter ~ I found out the sex of my first baby during the 20 week sonogram. It said boy, and a boy he was. I am pregnant again and will find out the sex if it is apparent from the bio-physical profile at 20 weeks, but will not have any testing for that reason alone. I want to know because I would like to do a lot of my clothes shopping before I have a new baby to tote around with me!! (My first son died shortly after birth, so I will be a first time parent, even though I'm already a mommy).

From Sheila ~ We found out by accident when the doctor read our amniocentesis results. We were high risk for a birth defect and the ultrasounds couldn't confirm or rule out the problem. We didn't want to know the sex for various reasons. When we were in the doctor's office to get the results, he was so excited that he blurted out, "well, you're son is perfectly healthy!" My mind hung on the words healthy; my husband only heard son! It was unexpected but truly wonderful to find out in such a way.

From Courtney ~ We knew we were having a planned c-section. Since we knew the exact date and time, we wanted to leave the sex a surprise. It frustrated our families so much but it was great fun. We had a beautiful little boy. We were thrilled. With my next pregnancy, we again opted not to find out since we were having another planned section. I really wish we had find out beforehand because I really wanted a daughter. Knowing I was having another boy would have given me time to prepare and could have rejoiced that moment of birth rather than being a tad bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong - the disappointment lasted only moments and this boy is ever so wonderful.

From Penny ~ When I was pregnant we decided not to find out the sex of our baby because we wanted it to be a surprise at the birth, and there are not many true surprises left in life. The doctor did know (by US) the sex, and it was right--it was a boy.

From Linda ~ We found out the sex of my unborn baby before delivery because my husband and I already have a son and wanted to know what we were going to need with our second child. We found out we definitely need clothing for the baby seeing next month we are supposed to be having a little girl. We found out by 2 ultrasounds. I'll keep you updated. I would not find out with a first child unless there is a medical reason for it.

From Susan ~ We Had our first ultrasound a little too early, though the tech said "well it looks like a girl." Because of complications later on, we found out for sure...yeah... it was a girl. We had already started calling her Kimberlee, so I would have felt as if I lost a child if it had been a boy. She was 3 weeks early and only weighed 5 lbs 6.7oz. Now 9 weeks later, she is 9.4 lbs and has grown 4 inches. We love her dearly!

From Renee & Alan ~ We decided not to find out the sex of our baby before delivery. Why? Because there are so few true surprises in life, and we wanted the sex of the baby to be one of those few surprises. Double surprise! Roland Alan was born 4 weeks early, on Father's Day, June 15th. Both mother and son are doing just fine!

From Robin ~ With my first pregnancy we found out that we were carrying a girl. I had done the AFP testing in my pregnancy and it came out abnormal. I was sent to a specialist for an amnio and Level II sonogram. The perinatologist was almost certain that I was carrying a girl and the amnio confirmed it. He was right . . . she was a girl! We wanted to know because she was our first child and we thought it would be easier to plan for the baby if we knew the sex. With my second pregnancy, we found out that we were carrying a boy. This was confirmed through level II u/s. Since I ended up losing my first baby, I had u/s every 4 weeks to check development. He was right again . . . it was a boy! We wanted to know this time as well because we still did not have a baby and thought it would be easier to plan for. Not only that but I had my heart set on a girl and I felt like I really needed to have time to adjust if it was not a girl. I am now pregnant a third time and my husband says that he does not want to know. I am not sure if we will end up finding out or not. Part of me wanted to know and the other part doesn't.

From Lisa H ~ I learned the sex of both of my children with ultrasound - at 36 weeks with my son and at 24 weeks with my daughter. Both were correct. I will definitely find out with my 3rd pregnancy when I get a bit further along.

From Lisa G ~ We were told during two different ultrasounds that it is a boy. We chose to be told because I have two girls already, and if it was another girl wanted to be prepared for it ahead of time. I have not delivered yet, I am due 6/30.

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