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Is the Stork Bringing You a Baby for the Holidays?
How to stay sane by planning ahead for the baby and the Holidays

by Charlene Hertzberg

A baby during the holidays? How is a new parent to cope? Having a baby during the holiday season is a beautiful blessing, but for new parents it can mean adding one stressful event onto another. Faced with the commotion of buying gifts, holiday parties, and family get togethers can make the holiday season a little crazy. Add in a baby due at the same time, with baby supplies to purchase, not knowing exactly when the baby will arrive, baby birth announcements, and adapting to the new baby, and new parents can quickly feel overwhelmed, but it doesn't have to be that way.

"Planning ahead can greatly reduce the stress a parent feels when having a holiday baby," said Charlene Hertzberg of "Parents should begin preparing for the holidays several months before the baby is born, whether it is holiday shopping, wrapping gifts, meal preparation, or travel arrangements, you can never plan early enough when a baby is due."

The following are tips that expectant parents can use to plan ahead and keep the holiday confusion down to a minimum.

  • Order your birth announcements in advance. Many stores, such as, that offer birth announcements will allow you to purchase invitations in advance. Then you or a relative can just call in the baby's statistics and birth information when he or she arrives. To save even more, consider sending out holiday birth announcements that can double as your holiday cards. You'll only need to address one set of envelopes and can put the money you'd have used on the postage to better use.

  • Let the baby make your shopping a bit easier. If your parents are anything like ours, they are probably some of the hardest people on your list. Don't spend hours searching for a gift. Instead get relatives a gift that incorporates the new baby. What new grandma or grandpa wouldn't love to have a personalized gift with the names or pictures of their new grandchild or grandchildren on it?

  • Don't forget to get a gift for baby to give to daddy. The last thing you'll want to do right after you have your baby is to head out to the department store because you forgot to get the a gift for daddy. New daddy gift sets and daddy diaper bags always make great gifts from the baby to his/her new daddy.

  • Let others help. You're sure to get offers of help from friends and relatives, don't be afraid to take them up on it. They want to help you. Consider it a special gift from them to you.

  • When you are making your pre-baby purchases, set some aside to be the baby's holiday gifts, this will help keep your costs down, you'll feel good that you have the baby's gifts taken care of, and you're sure to have things you can use. Be sure the things you set aside are things you won't need if the baby comes before the holiday.

  • If you have older children, be sure you have several back-ups available to care for them when you go into labor. With all of the parties happening this time of year, you don't want to call the person who is set to care for your child, only to find out it is going to take them an hour or so to get back from their special event.

  • Don't host the holidays unless you absolutely have to. It will be easier to take the baby out then it will be to get the house clean, all of the supplies needed for the holidays, and get everything made. Besides, what will happen to your guests if you go into labor on the big day?

  • Jacqueline Moors, an experienced mother of two holiday babies recommends that you do all of your Christmas shopping and other holiday preparations at least a month before your due date. She explains that "you should not plan to get anything done during the two weeks leading up to or the month following your due date. With all of the extra commotion of the holidays, plus adjusting to a new baby's schedule with its sleepless nights, you just won't have the energy".

With just a little planning you can make sure that you have time to enjoy both the birth of your new baby and the holiday season.

For additional information on making a holiday birth easier or the products mentioned here please contact Charlene Hertzberg at 562-365-3496 or visit The Babbling Baby is an internet based baby boutique which specialized in beautiful and unique products for babies and their families.

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