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Maternity Swimwear Cuts For Your Body Type
by Kyra Demartini

Swimsuit season often feels daunting to women, and when one is pregnant it can seem even more overwhelming. Searching through all the swimwear and trying to find a swimsuit which fits your body, particularly as it is continually changing as your pregnancy progresses, can seem difficult. However, there are certain cuts and styles that flatter particular body types, no matter if you are pregnant or not. Depending on your body shape, a halter might be more flattering than a bandeau neckline, while boy-short bikini bottoms might fit some better than others. Once you know what styles look best on your body, you will be able to find the perfect maternity swimsuit for shape and style.

Small Bust
If you have a small bust, you are able to wear many of the current detailed styles. One way to add the illusion of more curvature to your bust line is to find a suit where the neckline is embellished with ruffles or beading. Not only are these details incredibly stylish and trendy, but they create added dimension on your bust. Another great option for women with smaller busts is the bandeau top. This style, as seen on the Black Dot Strapless Mini from Prego Maternity, is incredibly flattering. Equally as flattering is a swimsuit with a sweetheart neckline and molded cups. Maternal America's Carrie Tankini Swimsuit demonstrates this look perfectly, as the sweetheart neckline adds curves and the padded bra fills out the look. Small busted women have many options, and these aforementioned styles look great on this body type.

Larger Bust
For women with larger busts, there are many fashionable choices as well. One important factor to consider is support, since one wants to feel comfortable swimming and moving around. Swimwear that has underwire is a great option, as it creates that extra needed support without added padding. One gorgeous style is the halter top. Incredibly popular this year, it allows you to adjust the neck, ensuring that you get the right amount of support that you need. It also allows you to show a little bit of cleavage while remaining supported and comfortable. The Black Tie Halter from Prego Maternity, who are known for creating supportive and long-lasting maternity swimwear, is a great option. Super cute and stylish, it also has a lot of support at the bust and the adjustable halter tie allows it to be tailored to your exact fit. The v-neck on this suit also creates an elongating look, a style which is incredibly flattering.

Reduce Your Bottom
If you are concerned about feeling "bottom heavy" a mini is a great way to go. These swimsuits, such as the Strapless Mini from Prego Maternity, gently skim the body and cover most of the rear, while not looking frumpy or overpowering. Cinched underneath the bust to create an empire-wait, they are incredibly slimming. This added bit of coverage is stylish and comfortable.

Lengthen Your Legs
For those women who want to lengthen their legs and create a slimming look on their thighs, high cut leg openings are the way to go. This high cut creates the illusion of longer legs, and the higher waist which it is often accompanied with ends up providing extra tummy support. The long line which is created is incredibly flattering while maintaining a high degree of comfort. Whether you wear these bottoms with a bikini top, halter top, or as part of a one-piece, the same flattering effect is achieved.

With so many maternity swimwear styles available, it is important to find the cut that fits your body best while staying true to your sense of style. Whether you want to wear a bikini, a tankini, or a one-piece, there is a suit out there that will make you look and feel great.

About the Author:
Kyra Demartini is a stylist at maternity clothes and nursing clothes store, a leading online retailer. has a wide selection of maternity swimwear, maternity swimsuits and maternity bathing suits for your pregnancy by designers such as Prego Maternity, Maternal America, and BelaBumBum.

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