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The Miracle of It All . . .

It sounds almost mushy, doesn't it? We all know a healthy baby is a miracle, but have you really considered what it takes to make a healthy baby? Think about it . . . how can this become this? It boggles the mind that sperm meets egg at exactly the right moment and a healthy child is born some nine months later. Of course, that isn't always the case but when you learn the many processes that must occur at precisely the right moment for the creation of a healthy human being, it will astound you that any of us are born as nearly perfect as we are.

Since I'm sure you don't want to take your healthy child for granted, let's take a look at embryonic development as we kick off the birth of our Pregnancy Week-By-Week Guide. You'll never take the delivery of a healthy child for granted again!

One of the most fascinating sites I've visited is the Visible Embryo which has really evolved over the years. Currently, The Visible Embryo provides visual references for changes in fetal development throughout pregnancy and can be navigated via fetal development or maternal changes. It's truly amazing and worth a peek!

Another site that is less technical (written in layman's terms) is the University of Pennsylvania's Embryonic Development Overview. Rather than complex terms and colorful photos, this site uses simple but informative sketches and describes the complex process of fertilization to embryo in easy-to-understand words (you must have Netscape for this site to work properly - but it's worth it!). You will realize that around the time you discover you are pregnant, most of your baby's development has already taken place! Hmmm . . . that's why it's important to take care of yourself BEFORE conception as well as during pregnancy.

If our little embryo/fetal development tour has whetted your appetite for more information, here are a few terrific sites that will interest you . . .

If you're wondering who that cute little baby is on the second "this" link, it's my son, Chad Michael Doerr, just a few minutes after his birth.

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