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Mother's Day Gift Giving - Early is Okay Too!
by Kim Green-Spangler

Don't forget the expecting Mom when Mother's Day rolls around. She may be having an easier time of keeping track of junior, but her job is just as tough!

So what to get the expectant Mom? Well for now (especially if this is bundle #1) it's all about her! A few suggestions for making her feel like the Queen that she is follows:

Feeling Good

Talk about the best of both worlds! Having someone else reach her toes and making them look pretty too! What more could a Mom-to-Be ask for? How about a manicure and facial too? Spa Day will go along way to making Mom feel extra special on her Mother's-to-Be Day. Want to make her positively swoon? Do a little research and find a facility that also boasts a prenatal masseuse. Someone to work out those back pains, to put pep back into her calves and feet, and to make her body feel almost as good as it did pre-pregnancy, or maybe even better!

Tip: Pre-purchase a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, spa day or massage for next year! After focusing all of her attention on the new addition, the new Mama will need a little "all about me" special pampering time!

Feeling Fit

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that has both physical and mental benefits. For moms who discovered yoga prior to pregnancy and those new to yoga, prenatal yoga classes are of great benefit. Promoting breathing, flexibility and connection with the body, a prenatal yoga class may be the perfect Mother's Day gift. Swimming is another idea for the mom who wants exercise but may be feeling a tad awkward or off-balance. Buoyancy is a fantastic way to get a great workout without having to worry about joints and pregnancy tummy.

Tip: If the Mom-to-be has a favorite form of exercise, gym, or studio, a one, three, six or twelve month(s) gift certificate or membership to begin when she is ready could be a coveted gift. Add in a childcare coupon for after baby is born for your services, or a facility which includes childcare and she'd probably start calling you her fairy godmother or father! Cinderella would have nothing on her!

Feeling Spoiled

Mother's Day is the perfect time for pampering the Mom-to-Be with a night out on the town. The stage can be set in advance with flowers delivered to the door/workplace, and/or a shopping trip for a beautiful outfit (one she wouldn't select for herself.) Follow this up with a great meal at a restaurant she's always wanted to try before heading to a movie, the symphony, the theatre, or anywhere that you know she'd particularly enjoy. Whatever you decide - simply plan to spoil her beyond belief.

Tip: Use this time to line up a sitter, or multiple sitters for after the baby is born. Mom should be spoiled then too! A reliable person to care for baby for an evening out will lessen stress and help keep mom and dad rejuvenated for busy nights and longer days.

Remember, this is the first of a lifetime of Mother's Days. Start planning for ways to celebrate the beautiful Mother that she will be next year (and in the years to come) by looking for ways that she can get away by herself for a little solitude and self-renewal time. She'll need it and if you're the one to provide it - you'll be tops in her book!

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