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Baby's First Movements

pregnant momWhen did you first feel your baby move (how many weeks gestation)? What did it feel like (ie sharp jab, gas, a tidal wave in your tummy)? If you have been pregnant more than once, did you first feel your babies at the same gestation or earlier in subsequent pregnancies?

From Kristine ~ The very first time I felt Alexander, I was 20 weeks. He felt like a small rolling whisper, nothing painful almost more like a butterfly fluttering. Although he went from a little butterfly to a energizer bunny at 14 months, he keeps going and going . . .

From B P ~ My first pregnancy was textbook perfect. I felt fluttering around 16 - 18 weeks and around 20 weeks, I really felt it. My second pregnancy, I felt flutters around 14 weeks (my first two children were 14 months apart). My third pregnancy was five years later, and I had no recollection of when I felt quickening. One day, I was about 14 - 16 weeks, and I was lying down to rest when I thought my heart was beating unusually fast. I took deep breaths to calm down. After a few minutes, I realized my heart was fine; it was the baby moving! I continued to feel it stronger and stronger from that day forward.

From Tammy ~ When I was 18 weeks pregnant with my daughter, our family attended a Japanese acrobat/magic show. Every time the music would get really loud, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Each jab was in a different location. I didn't feel any other movement until the 20th week. My husband was talking to our baby and poking her. Each time she would poke back at him. After that evening she was on a constant roll inside of me.

From Karen ~ I felt my baby move around 16 weeks, and it was great. It felt like a bubble and has been getting stronger and more frequent ever since. (Now I'm 30 weeks.) I think it is the best part of pregnancy!

From Yahaira ~ I first felt my baby move when I was 5 months pregnant. It was the most incredible and amazing feeling in the whole world. After that first movement, there is no denial that your little baby is in there. I was in bed with my husband when I first felt my little girl (Mia Noelle) move. It felt like a little wave inside of my belly. It didn't hurt at all; it was just a strange feeling of a little wave going from right to left. I was so excited! I could never forget that feeling.

From Shelbie ~ I've been pregnant 5 times. With the first, it took me until about 22 weeks to understand that the "fluttering" sensation I was feeling was actually baby movement. With each of the subsequent pregnancies, I began to feel movement as early as the 15th or 16th week.

From cevans ~ I am now at 21 weeks in my first pregnancy. I first felt the baby move in the middle of the 18th week. I didn't quite notice it at first as the baby moving. I had been busy picking strawberries and making jam all day. When I finally settled down, I felt something that felt like a muscle spasm in the middle of my lower stomach. I soon realized it was fetal movement; and it hasn't stopped since. I feel the baby every day especially around mealtime.

From Lisa ~ I'm 5 months into my first pregnancy. It's kind of frustrating because first time moms aren't sure what fetal movement is supposed to feel like. The answer I usually get from experienced moms is "fluttering," but sometimes what I feel is like a "twinge." Also, it's a possibility that all that rumbling and moving could just be gas. When I told my friend I didn't know if I had gas or fetal movement, she said "Well maybe that's gas moving the baby," I guess anything's possible, huh?

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