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Ceiling Scenes for Baby to Enjoy
by Alyssa Davis

Setting up a nursery is one of the most exciting things to do while awaiting the arrival of a new baby. New moms and dads labor over wall colors choices, fabric prints, furniture and accessories. So much time and effort are put into decorating the room that sometimes the parents-to-be forget to decorate the part of the room that baby will see the most: The ceiling.

Infants spend most of their crib time on their backs, so it makes sense to decorate the ceiling above them. Choosing a theme that holds a child's interest, yet is calming enough to invite sleep can be challenging. The six ideas below have both an inviting and peaceful quality to them which makes them perfect choices for a ceiling scene for baby.

Baby will enjoying staring up at the big, puffy cumulus clouds floating across a light blue ceiling sky. Using a large sponge, create cloud shapes in brilliant white paint on a monotone background. Coordinate the cloud shapes to match the rest of the room's decor. Cows, sheep, ice cream cones, flowers and cars can all come alive in cloud form with a little imagination and paint.

Noah's Ark
Imagine baby staring up at the ceiling only to find the smiling faces of giraffes, elephants and cheerful monkeys staring back. If a complete Noah's Ark scene painted on the ceiling is intimidating, try painting pairs of animal faces. With some stencils, paint and a steady hand the animals will come alive and baby will be entertained long into early childhood.

A few well-placed, giant butterflies, or many smaller ones, dancing across the ceiling will make baby smile every time. Choose paint colors that coordinate with other hues throughout the room for a unified look. For extra sparkle add a few spoonfuls of glitter to the paint before painting the butterflies on the ceiling.

Stars are always a pleasing choice for a nursery ceiling. If painting them on is not an option, there are glow in the dark star decals that will allow baby to have the comforting glow of the heavens at night. With the adhesive squares that are typically included in the package, the stars can easily be applied to the ceiling. Arrange them like constellations, baby's name, or randomly across the surface. Although the adhesive is usually strong enough to keep the stars firmly in place it is advisable to avoid putting them directly over the crib in case they fall.

Cars and Trucks
Paint a 4" thick winding, black path along the ceiling, give it a yellow center line and add a variety of cars and trucks to create a road on the nursery ceiling. Either paint the vehicles or cut them from magazines, laminate them with packaging tape and adhere them to the ceiling. Baby will enjoy looking at the cars driving along above him and the ceiling mural will be follow him through his early childhood days.

Let baby count sheep at night. Paint large, puffy, white bodies with a sponge and finish them with black paint for the legs, eyes and nose. Sheep do not take long to paint and can easily coordinate with a barnyard, Noah's Ark, or baby animals theme.

Creating a ceiling scene for baby to enjoy is a fun process that just requires a little planning. Remember that safety comes first and that the mom-to-be may not be the best choice to stand on the ladder to paint. Consider hiring a professional mural designer or delegating the job to an artistic friend or spouse. Enjoy this special time preparing the nursery for baby's arrival.

About the Author:
Alyssa Davis, is a top writer for and specializes in modern decors featuring wall decor art and abstract wall decoration .

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