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Decorating Baby's Room with Consignment Store Finds
by Jessica Ackerman

When it is time to decorate the baby's room and money is tight, it can be challenging to find the perfect pieces for each room. Whether you are decorating a nursery for the upcoming arrival of your new baby or transitioning the baby nursery decor into a toddler appropriate theme, there is one great place where you can find many of the things that you need. Children's consignment sales are a treasure trove for inexpensive, high-quality children's bedroom decor.

Most seasonal children's consignment sales occur in the spring and the early fall. They feature clothing, toys, furniture, and accessories for infants through older children and even teenagers. While many people come to purchase just clothing, those who are savvy shoppers also know that they can redecorate their child's room with consignment sale finds for a small fraction of the cost that they would pay elsewhere. You can find consignment sales in your area by searching online, looking in your local newspaper and by word of mouth. Many seasonal sales also advertise in local magazines and with yard signs advertising their dates and contact information.

When you get to the consignment sale, expect to pay cash and to have a firm idea of what you are looking for. If you want to find an entire crib bedding set for your unborn baby girl, go with that in mind, but be flexible as to the exact pattern and design. You may find a bedding set that is slightly different from what you imagined, but that will work just as well and will only cost you a few dollars.

Always inspect the items that you are thinking about purchasing. Make sure that the wipes warmer that you would like to have for the changing table really heats up before you buy it. Do the wall hangings have secure hooks on the back and are they in good shape? In most cases, you will find everything from crib sets to blankets to nursery furniture and more. Always be sure that the things you are thinking about purchasing have not been subject to recalls and that they are sturdy and not broken. If you have an Internet ready phone, you can actually check right there on the recall status of any toy or nursery furniture that you are considering by going to the manufacturer's Website and searching for recall information. While most consignment sale owners will check this information before they accept the items, it is always a good idea to double check.

Keep in mind that you may not find everything that you want at one consignment sale. It may take a couple of trips to sales around the local area to find everything you need. The benefit to shopping at these sales is that they are specifically for babies and children and the proceeds are going to moms like you. So, this season, check around for sales in your area and find everything you need to decorate or redecorate your child's room.

About the Author:
Artist, Jessica Ackerman, is a consultant with and describes how to decorate with garden wall art and tree branch wall decor.

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