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From Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes To African Safaris - 10 Baby Nursery Ideas
by Rika Susan

Your baby nursery idea will begin to take shape while you shop for a crib and other furniture. Just be prepared to be overwhelmed at first by the mind boggling choice of themes. You may be looking for a complete furnishing set, or you may be daydreaming about designing your own custom decor. Often a simple, classic approach is more sensible than a frilly, over-the-top baby nursery idea with paraphernalia that will just get in the way when you are frazzled and exhausted. This collection covers just a few of the thousands of possibilities.

1. Magical Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Decor
Who doesn't love the Mother Goose characters? Adorable watercolors bring these stories to life. Your baby will grow to love the colorful creations on the wall decor. This wonderful series will coordinate well with most baby furniture and you will easily be able to find bedding and furnishings to match. Colorful Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme quilts and blankets are a treat. This is a delightful, fresh theme.

2. Original With Other Lovable Characters
We all fall in love with certain lovable story book characters, such as Peter Rabbit or Snoopy. Winnie the Pooh is a favorite of almost any baby, and the bedding and furnishings are available to create a classic Pooh crib. Find Snoopy curled up under a friendly moon and starts. Or opt for a variety of Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse. Furnishings with rhymes always lead to hilarity and enjoyment and can be a fun baby nursery idea.

3. Charm Your Kid With Cute Creatures
When it comes to babies, it is a given that they love cuddly animals. A vast variety of creature comforters are on offer. From farm animals to frog decor abound. For adventurous kids there is dinosaur bedding. Little girls love lady bug or butterfly designs. African safari crib bedding lends itself to endless bedtime stories. Dolphins, adorable puppies and Noah's Ark will also be well-loved.

4. Anything On Wheels Will Appeal
Boys love fire truck crib bedding as a baby nursery idea. Be different and decorate with Harley Davidson's. Alternatively take to the sky with airplane decor. Another old favorite on wheels is a train theme. Kids love cars and anything that moves or make a noise. So indulge them in their room.

5. Nap time on a Nautical Note
Ship Ahoy! Tell tales of sea creatures and far-away, dreamy places with furnishings on a nautical note. From ships and sails to whale's tales and other ocean critters will stimulate little imaginations. This is the stuff bedtime stories should be made of. Every night another place and a new animal.

6. Sporting A Lively Theme
Dads will probably opt for this one if they are involved in decorating for a boy. Every sport under the sun is now represented in cot accessories. Baseball fans can choose their favorite colors, while football and basketball enthusiasts have not been forgotten. Just don't put too much pressure on the growing little person. Remember dad, this is his life - not your second chance.

7. Proudly Display Your Patchwork Creations
This baby nursery idea comes in every conceivable color and pattern. It often is a sensible choice, as the inevitable spills and mishaps won't be as noticeable. Patchwork quilts often become heirlooms. Perhaps you can make your own quilt from fabrics scraps with a story attached to each one. That can make for some interesting bedtime tales. Plaids are also a good choice, if you don't fancy patchwork.

8. A Star for Your Little Star
Watch your baby's face lit up as he or she discovers the wonders of creation. Why not help in this process with the moon, stars, planets and spaceships on bedding and curtains. All sorts of wonderful accessories can be added to complement this theme. You may have to brush up on your own knowledge about the subject, but you will need to do that anyway when your child reaches school-going age. With an outer space crib set your bundle of joy will go on many an adventure.

9. Turn Back The Clock With a Vintage Theme
Perhaps your family has some heirlooms you would like to incorporate in your design. With the right furniture, an old-world look can be quite something. You can always introduce a touch of color and some modern elements to stimulate the baby's senses. Try to use a variety of fabric textures for tactile stimulation when expanding on this baby nursery idea.

10. Teach To Care With Care Bears Bedding
These can be really adorable, with bright and cheery colors. Babies love these sets. A wide variety of accessories are also available, from bedtime bears to potty seats and keepsake pillow sets. You can also find delightful Care Bear lamps, area rugs, crib organizers and wall borders to go with the cot set and curtains.

Full sets usually include the fitted sheet, a quilt of some sort, pillow cases, crib bumper, dust ruffle, curtains and valance. Many manufacturers dream up all sorts of adorable, matching accessories to bring the room together. Wall hangings always help to create a warm effect.

So, get yourself a cup of tea, kick off your shoes, pull up the rocking chair and day-dream about all the magical hours you are going to spend here, discovering all the wonders of your baby nursery idea with your little one.

About the Author: - Where you can read quick facts about all kinds of baby furniture, crib bedding and nursery accessories. Find out about the master-craftsmanship of the Cabana Bonavita Crib Collection: read Bonavita Crib Collection Features Cabana and Sheffield's Baby Cradling Capacity. Copyright Rika Susan.

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