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Old Wives Tales ~ Part 3
Weird Old Wives Tales

My favorite is "if you have lots of heartburn, your baby will have lots of hair." If that was true, my sons would have needed haircuts in the delivery room! Check out our other OWT surveys on guessing gender and starting labor.

From Dee and Michele . . . The craziest OWT that we have heard is this one: That if you don't drink plenty of water every day then the water the baby floats in will be dirty and stay dirty. So make sure to drink lots of water so the baby won't get dirty and the water gets changed every day. Another one is this, We have been told that we shouldn't use the nasal bulb syringe to clean a baby's nostrils because we will suck its brains out.

From Pedro . . . This one I've heard of since I was a kid growing up in Mexico. If there is a Solar Eclipse, the expectant mother is supposed to pin (diaper pin is fine) a set of keys on her waist. This will prevent any deformities and/or pregnancy problems.

From Lisa . . . My mom said that her grandmother told her if you crave something during pregnancy and don't get it, the baby will have a birthmark in the shape of the craving. If so, my child will have a birthmark in the shape of a calzone from a restaurant I wasn't able to go to while on vacation!

From Shannon . . . If you crave something and then touch your face before you get what you crave, your baby will be marked in some way (wine stain or mole or something). So you should make sure to get what you crave immediately and don't touch your face. The other (this is a good one!) is that if something scares you, it will affect the baby. If a large dog scares you, the baby will have a face like a dog. If you go to the zoo and a lion scares you, the baby will be hairy and lionish. I guess the elephant man's mother was scared by an elephant!

From Enigma . . . The craziest thing I heard during my first pregnancy was that, if I reached above my head for any reason, the baby would become tangled in the umbilical cord. I was warned repeatedly and scolded, but BOTH my kids have turned out just fine, no tangles whatsoever . . . Unfortunately, my husband still believes this myth . . . And we're on #3!

From jcopel . . . I was always told that if you take a teaspoon of honey and vinegar in the morning during your pregnancy that your baby will grow more hair.

From dgillium . . . This is by far the weirdest and strangest wives tales I have ever heard. "After the baby is born, the first week bathe them with lard instead of soap; it keeps the babies' skin very soft and will keep them warm." This came from an older gentleman.

From Karen . . . I have heard that the foods a mother likes to eat while pregnant are the same ones the child will like. (Same with the ones you hate)

From XzDJzX . . . I heard that your emotions while you are pregnant is how your baby will be . . . crying a lot, laughing a lot, yelling, etc.

From Susan . . . There are two OWTs that I heard just this past month. The first is that I'm not supposed to get my hair cut during pregnancy. Supposedly cutting your hair takes energy from the growing baby. Go figure. The second is that I should never pick up a cat while pregnant because it will strike the baby and leave a wart or a mole. I found this one particularly disturbing because I have three cats and pick them up often. Guess we can just plan to visit the dermatologist now?

From Elaine . . . Not to take baths during late pregnancy (because germs could get 'up there'). This is major BULL ... my doctor recommends warm baths for relaxation! As long as your water hasn't broken, it's safe!

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