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Coping with Pregnancy in the Summertime
by Leigh Irwin

pregnant swimmingI thought it was bad when my second son was due in July. Then I got pregnant with our daughter, due and born September 14th. It was a long hot summer here in California and we have no air conditioning in our home.

There are different ways to keep cool. First, wear clothing that breathes well. Many maternity clothes are polyester or polyblends which don't breathe as well as 100% cotton. Try finding cotton clothing if you can, and make sure it is "flowing" and not tight to your body. Sometimes you have to make due...and manmade fabrics aren't always bad. I was very comfortable in lycra bike shorts and a tank top on the hottest days. Denim shorts (with a stretch panel) were my favorite though because they went with so many different tops. (Yes, I was still trying to look decent.)

Misting with a spray bottle is a nice way to keep cool. If you have small children, a kiddie pool is a great place to soak your feet. (And if you don't have a kiddie pool, you can use the excuse that you will need one eventually. A tub of cool water will also do the trick, just be careful inside. We can't always see our feet while pregnant, and therefore you don't want to kick over the tub.

I found that eating cool foods helped . . . whether it be refrigerated fruits or a fruit salad, a popsicle or even a garden salad. Things that required no heat to prepare keep your environment cooler.

Speaking of your environment, keep your house as dark and closed up as you can when it is hot, and open it up when the temperature drops. Another place to hang out when your house is just unacceptable is the mall. Take advantage of their air conditioning. (Though this can be dangerous if you are a shopper like me!)

Drink LOTS of water. You must stay hydrated and though you have heard this one a million times, it is even more important during the warm months. Also remember to use caffeine free tea to make that sun tea!

Also, believe it or not, certain scents can cool you off. A nice whiff of lemon can help morning sickness and give a cool clean feel to some people. (Sounds crazy I know, but experiment with this one!)

Try to keep your humor. You are getting bigger each day . . . you already are feeling 'oh so great about yourself' and now you are sweaty and having a bad hair day. It will be over soon, pregnancy doesn't last forever, though I am sure you are feeling it.

Finally, don't forget, babies overheat easily too. If it is 90 degrees out, you don't need to swaddle your newborn in a wool blanket. Keep baby well hydrated and enjoy! They are only little for a short time.

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