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Pregnancy Symptoms
A Member Survey of Early Pregnancy Symptoms

What were the first symptoms of pregnancy that you noticed? Did you experience any before you missed a period?

storkI was charting my temperature and when we hit the expected date of my period, I was still high. Normally I go down 2-3 days before my period. Since we had been trying for a year, we decided to wait it out until I had 20 tempertures high before testing. I also had noted a thickening in my left breast (and tenderness) to the point I made a note to have it checked out for any lumps. I haven't *really* had morning sickness. I am having some incredible burping episodes after I eat and if I eat a full dinner I get a little sick, so I've switched to half dinners and then the other half later in the evening. I guess I start to worry because I am not having as many symptoms as others, but maybe I should just be happy! ~Nancy

storkThe only early symptom I had was extreme tiredness. I'd work an 8-hour day, drag myself home at 6 pm, and barely made it into bed by 7 pm. I didn't have morning sickness too bad, but a general all-day queasiness from weeks six through week eleven. ~Meg

storkSince this is my third pregnancy, it was easier for me to identify. I knew I was pregnant just two days after we conceived because my breasts were tingling and very sore. I was also completely exhausted even more so than usual. ~Karen

storkAbsolute FATIGUE! I could not keep my eyes open past 8pm. In fact, I was housesitting for my boss who has three teenagers, and I (being only 23 years old) was out like a rock hours before them. Not to mention the hunger I was experiencing. That whole weekend was one big feast for me . . . the pizza came in very handy! ~ Cara

storkSince I was on the pill at the time and often would miss a period or two in a row I didn't even consider pregnancy. Although thinking back now I did notice that my breasts were very tender (not something that happened often). I was due for another period and just didn't feel the way I normally felt before it came. So thinking I would see a doctor if it didn't come again and knowing that they would initally ask for a pregnancy test, I took a home test to beat them to it. To my surprise, fear and great joy it was positive; not at all what my husband and I expected. ~Andrea

storkMy first pregnancy symptom was a dream I had probably a few days to a week after conception (at least a week before I missed my period). My mom had died three months prior and in my sleep I heard her call me. She said, "Lara...," and I knew I was sleeping and I think I dreamed that I awoke to talk to her although I never opened my eyes. She said, "You're going to have a baby...," and I was so excited. I kept saying how great it was and she interrupted me and said, "but there's one thing, it's going to be a boy." I just kept saying, "that's ok. I'll take a boy. I'll be happy with a boy." I'm not sure how the "session" ended because it wasn't like she just abruptly went away or anything. I just kind of went back to sleep. I think my mom thought I didn't want a boy because I lost a pregnancy at 8 weeks, just two weeks before she died and I wanted that child to be a girl so that I could honor my mother by naming the baby's middle name after her. Also, my mother told me how fun it is to have little girls. Now I'm 18 weeks pregnant and 99% sure I'm having a boy. We've already painted the nursery and named the baby! I go to the doctor in a week and a half and I'm pretty sure I'll find out then (medically) but for now, I maintain my confidence. I've had unexplained bleeding early in the pregnancy and a lot of fears about the pregnancy terminating but every time we go to the doctor we get good feedback. So I'm pretty sure my mom was right. ~Lara

storkThe two primary symptoms that I had were a low grade fever and cramping. I actually thought that I had a pelvic infection because of the fever and cramping! Two days later I went in for my first beta (I'm an IVF patient) and the test was POSITIVE!! That was such a blessing after four IVFs! My HCG keeps going up and up. Praise God! I don't mind any symptoms as long as they're a sign of a healthy pregnancy! ~Heather

storkI was carefully trying to lose weight. I was on a strict diet, muscle/weight and exercise program and doing quite well till one week, I went up 5 pounds. I was so upset! Then 3 weeks later, I found out that I just got pregnant during that week. ~Cathy

storkMy very first symptom came 14 days after the first day of my last period. I had extreme "butterflies" and felt the need to eat to make them go away. I ate anywhere from 4 to 5 meals per day for several days. I just knew I was pregnant! ~Kari

storkAs with many of the other women who emailed, the first noticable change was my breasts which were so sore and heavy, that I cried each morning pulling them out of bed with me. I also had slight heartburn and noticed that I had to pee all the time, which is very unlike me. I also developed constant, achy cramps which appeared about 4 days before my scheduled period but continued for about another week. It was all very confusing because I took an early test which said negative. I was so dissapointed but as the cramps and fatigue increased, I knew something was up. Sure enough, I tested positive 3 days later! ~Gel

storkI had morning sickness and have been really tired. I had a home test done and it was negative. Then i did one at the doctor's, and it was negative, then I got my period. I am normally irregular and this time it just started, but lighter than usual. I went to get another test and my partner said he noticed my stomach had gotten bigger. The second test from the doctor came back postive. ~Melissa

storkMy breasts became extremely sensitive about four or five days after ovulation. I also started get sick every afternoon around the same time and got exhausted after doing very little. I am a month along and still feel extreme exhaustion and my breats have not stopped hurting. ~Rebecca

storkMy husband and I weren't even trying to get pregnant. About a month before I found out we were expecting, I noticed I couldn't lose any weight. I made my workout routine a little longer and changed some of the things I did, but to no avail. In fact, it seemed as though I was gaining weight! Three to four weeks later (and very frustrated) I found out I was pregnant! During those 3-4 weeks other symptoms were there such as sore breasts, nausea, fatigue. I just didn't believe it was true! ~MrsWXMan

storkMy first pregnancy symptom was feeling very tired and dizzy. I was out shopping with a friend and had to stop to rest because I felt like I was about to faint. I also noticed that evening that my breasts were very tender and I had minor cramping. ~Molli

storkMy first symptoms were my breast were very tender which was not unusual, after many years of not using birth control and not becoming pregnant I just assumed that I was getting ready to start my period. Then I thought I had a stomach virus. The only thing I could get to go down was broccoli. And the mood swings had already begun, when my husband finally asked "honey, is there any way you could be pregnant? ~Cynthia

storkI first noticed that I was famished all of the time. I couldn't believe how hungry I was one week. My breasts started hurting as well and they felt a lot heavier than usual, so I thought, hmmmm... something's different. ~Valerie

storkMy first symptoms were heavy, swollen breasts and abdomnial cramps. I had very little nausea and only one or two dizzy spells. The weirdest symptom I had was a more sensitive sense of smell which was replaced by a stuffy nose and nosebleeds. ~Barbie

storkI had been carefully charting basal temperatures and watching my cervical mucus - this is a planned and wanted first child at 30. Following ovulation my temperature slowly climbed to 98.3F over 5 days and did not go down. My baseline temperature is 97.7F. My nipples became quite sensitive 2 days after ovulation, the cervical neck became briefly hard (2 days) at 3 days and the aureolae became smudgy, developed bumps and started to expand at 7 days. Throughout this time my mucus became scant and yellowish. At about 9 days my cervix became very soft for a few days. At 10 days I had a little cramping and tested faintly positive. At 15 days my breasts were tender and swollen and I had heavy mucus. At this point, my system said no to any fried or fatty foods, a state which continued until I was about 4 months pregnant. I experienced very light spotting at 22 days for about a week. It was so slight that I could only tell by wiping the cervix. At the same time I registered an hCG of 4649 and a week later an hCG of 27904. My nausea began at 22 days and continued until the end of the first trimester. ~Eve

storkMy very first symptom was my breasts got really sore around 4-5 days after ovulation. They were also heavy and a lot bigger. I knew this wasn't normal so far away from my period! Also, my nipples seemed a little bigger and the glands on my nipples were sticking out like crazy!! ~Allison

storkMy first symptoms were flu like! I was SOOOOO tired! I thought I had mono I was so tired. I felt nauseous and weak. I was also very hungry and that was uncharacteristic of me! ~Jessica

storkMy first sign was my basal body temperature stayed elevated. I wasn't convinced that I was pregnant though even when my period didn't start because I had no other symptoms. I finally took a home pregnancy which was positive (around 5 weeks). I didn't have any morning sickness until about seven weeks. ~Marina

storkMy breasts seemed to double in size and felt heavy almost immediately. I hadn't even suspected pregnancy yet but my breasts never did this before a period. Even my back spread! ~Rachel

storkThis is my first pregnancy and the only symptoms I had heard of until then were morning sickness and feeling faint. My first symptoms were actually cramps - I thought I was getting my period a week early followed by light spotting which, of course, turned out to be a false alarm. Although my Basal Temperature remained high, I didn't suspect yet that I was pregnant because my temp usually drops the day before or the day I get my period. After being five days late and having severe dizzy spells for three days, I finally did a test which I still didn't believe until I actually went to the doctor who confirmed my pregnancy. ~Terri

storkMy first sign was I noticed a very strange and different odor when I urinated. I was smelling the pregnancy hormone in my urine. I was always told I had a good nose!!! ~Buchmann

storkMajor unbearable mood swings is why I went to the doctor's office. I have never been regular and had just had a miscarriage 7 weeks before. The doctor said he could not help with the mood swings because I was pregnant again. Praise God! ~Sharon

storkThe first thing that I noted as odd was the fact that my sinus' were always stuffy and I would get nose bleeds after I worked out. My breasts seemed very bouncy during my workouts and also, I could not seem to stay awake. If I tried to watch a movie that started at 8pm I was asleep by the end of the movie. I only thought to test when I read a post from a woman who thought she was getting a sinus infection and turned out she was pregnant. The same thing happened to me. ~Kerrie

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