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How Did You Tell Your Family About Your Pregnancy?

Did you say, "Guess What?" or did you do something really special? Did Dad tell Mom or vice versa? How did you tell the grandparents? Here's what some of our StorkNet members said . . .

From Tammy . . . I had just started my last semester of graduate school. The past semester I earned my first "A" and was very proud of it. I took a copy of my grade report home for my parents to hang on the refrigerator (I'm 28 years old but they got a kick out of the idea!) I added a very special course to the end of the report, it went something like this:

Course number course name credits grade:
   CSP    689       Internship      3.0      S
   CSP    622    Adult Learning 3.0      A
   CSP    605  Outcomes of ED 3.0      B
   MOM 101   Pregnancy Test   9.0     +
It took a bit for them to get to the bottom of the "grades." My mom got it right away and said "Oh my God, she's pregnant!!!!" My dad was still complaining about them giving an "S" (satisfactory) in grad school!!! The baby is due any day now and I graduated in May!

From kjackson . . . I just found I was pregnant with my first child and I wanted to tell my husband in a special way. I took my HPT Friday morning and found that it was positive. After saying "oh my God" for a couple of minutes, I got dressed, kissed my husband good-bye, and headed to work. I knew that my husband was going to meet me for lunch so I called the restaurant ahead of time to inform them that we were coming. When my husband picked me up from work, we proceeded to Ruby Tuesday's. The Hostess sat both of us down, walked away, then casually came back with a high chair which she placed at the end of our table. I looked up, said "thank you" and looked back down at my menu. My husband was still for a minute then pointed at the high chair, while exclaiming, "what the hell is this?". I softly and calmly said, "It's for our child." Then I just looked at my speechless husband and he giggled and said, "don't BS me!" I smiled and told him that I wasn't. Next thing I knew he started sweating and had his hands on this face, looked like he was trying to hold his head up. The waiter came by, asked if my husband was okay. He said he was, but the waiter brought him a drink on the house. My husband is very excited and can't wait for the baby to be born. He is being such a sweetheart.

From Tracy . . . When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to do something special for my husband since his birthday had just passed. So I went to the store and bought baby carrots, baby corn, cornish hen eggs (which are very tiny) and popcorn shrimp. I decorated a plate with these items and called him to dinner. When he asked me why everything was so little, I handed him a package which contained two HPTs inside!. He was so surprised since that was the first time we had tried to get pregnant (one month into it!).

From Jodi . . . My husband is in the military and has been away for a very long time. Recently my 2 year old daughter and I flew all the way to Japan to visit Daddy for a few days. When we got back home, I just couldn't seem to shake my jet lag. I was so tired! On Father's Day I took two hpts, and they were both positive. What a shocking, yet happy, surprise!

Once I had sent a message to my husband sharing the wonderful news, I decided to tell the family in a unique way. I took polaroid pictures of my daughter holding a sign that said, "I am going to be a big sister!" Then I printed out a short letter using child-like crayon scribble to go along with it.

The letter said:
My momma keeps telling me we brought a baby home from Japan when we went to see Daddy. I don't see it, but she says it is here. I like the part of the story when she tells me that I will be able to hold our new baby in the beginning of March . . . I am hoping for a brother, but a sister would be nice too! Mommy sure is happy since she came back from the doctor. We are so excited to see Daddy in a few months and tell him our news!

I mailed off 20 envelopes in my daughter's name . . . filled out in scribbled writing with blue and pink marker. Recipients of these letters will sure be surprised to open it up and pull out the picture with our "big message"!

From Mel . . . My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year. We decided not to think about it in December, and after I was four days late, I did the ol' hpt. I bought a congratulations card and put a bib inside that said "I love Daddy" all over it. I put it in his Christmas stocking and wouldn't let him open it until the last minute!

From Jennifer . . . This is the first grandchild, and to announce the pregnancy we took the fact plus test and wrapped it up and gave it to my mother.

From Jane . . . We'd been trying for about six months to conceive, and I'd had one period a week late, which sent me rushing to the doctor for a test. It was negative, and I cried my eyes out and got my period the next day. The next month we tried again. The following month I was a week late, but we were counselors at a youth camp and had no way to check. So when we got home, we went straight to the doctor's office. The test was positive! I was so excited I hugged the nurse before I hugged my husband! (She's an old friend, so that's OK.) Two days later we drove to my parents (3 hr. drive), arriving at 10:30 p.m. They were already in bed, so my husband and I stood in their bedroom door, talking. I handed my mom the pregnancy test with the plus sign - she just looked at it and asked what it was! I said, "Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa!" Boy, were they excited! First grandchild on both sides of the family, too. My mom couldn't sleep with worrying over where to put the crib in my brother's old bedroom. (Moms do that kind of thing. . ) Our daughter is now six years old.

Our second conception was a lot easier, and we just called and told everyone that we could think of. (Our first two are two years, six weeks apart.) The third time was a complete shock, as my son was only seven months old. I told my mom over the phone by telling her to tell my brother that he was going to be an uncle again. No one could believe it. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. A very sad time for us all. We were trying the fourth time I got pregnant, and it didn't take long. We didn't tell many people right away, due to our previous miscarriage. We lost this one, too, at 10 weeks. Most recently, we decided to try one more time, and then that would be the end of it. We figured three children would be enough. Last fall when I thought I was pregnant, I did a home test which came up negative. But I still had "that feeling" so I went to the doctor a few days later. The nurse didn't come back for almost 10 minutes, and I was getting worried. When she did come back, she said the test was positive, but it was very light. But it WAS positive! I didn't tell very many people, but I did tell my mom and dad when we were there for Thanksgiving. They were in bed again, and I was standing in their doorway again. My dad's response was, "So you're going to try it again, huh?" in a nice way, but I knew he was worried. Two days before Christmas we went in to hear the heartbeat, and there it was! Hurray! Since then, I've had an ultrasound, and we've discovered twins! That news just couldn't wait, so I've spent many hours and dollars on long-distance calls. I guess four children is what we're meant to have! We still don't know if they're boys, girls, or one of each, but I'm just so excited that so far they're doing well. It's amazing to see people's faces when they ask how the ultrasound went, and I say, "Both babies are doing fine!" It's the big topic of conversation in our circle of friends.

From Kim . . . We had so much fun telling our families! I found our that I was pregnant on December 18th, so we decided to share the good news as a Christmas surprise. We had been trying for almost a year, so everyone knew how special it was to us. I bought my father-in-law a book called Memories for my Grandchild - A Grandpa Remembers. I made a "Grandma" sweatshirt for my mother-in-law. We had them both open them together, and they went crazy when they figured out the message! It will definitely be our most memorable Christmas gift to them.

From Jenie of Utah . . . My husband and I have been blessed with a boy 3 years ago. We have been wanting another one for two years now and have had no luck until this month. My husband has no idea yet, but Monday I go see my doctor. I am going to fill his office with pink and blue balloons with question marks on them. I think he will be very surprised!

From Lisa . . . My husband will never be known as a world famous orator. When he proposed, his exact words were "Well will ya?" I don't know what I expected when I told him I was pregnant. We had been trying for about 6 months with no success. There were a few times I was sure I was pregnant, bought an hpt got a negative result only to hear from him . . . "See I told you." Well this time I wasn't sure, but decided that since I was a few days late I would take a test. I picked it up on my way home from work and took it right away. It showed positive awfully quick. I was so excited that I grabbed the phone and called him at work. I said, "Honey guess what?" and told him I was pregnant. His response (and this is a direct quote) "You SUCK!" He thought I might be pregnant so he was planning on picking up a test on HIS way home for me to take! We are expecting our first child on October 5th!

From rt-nc . . . I just wanted to share my "telling" story with everyone. My husband and I had been trying for 3 1/2 years when we finally took a home pregnancy test that was positive. We both cried and laughed and couldn't believe it until the blood test at the doctor's office was positive too! We decided to tell our friends (there are about four couples and us who have been extremely close for years) at the same time. We were all getting together for dinner that weekend. At the beginning of dinner my husband said, "Will everyone please raise your glasses and join me in a toast. To John (a friend who had just gotten a promotion) for his new job and to my wife for being 6 weeks pregnant!" Needless to say I was immediately mobbed and tears flowed like water!

A few days before we had told my parents by stopping over to give them a "little gift" we had for them. I had my mother open the gift which was a picture frame that said baby and inside the frame I had put "picture to follow in about 8 months" and my father opened the card which said "congratulations on being grandparents!" They both could not believe it and we all were shaking and crying!

I'm not sure the sex of my unborn child but I intend to share these stories with him/her to let them know how special everyone thinks they are!

From Carrie . . . My husband and I tried for six months on Clomid, and we had no luck. We finally switched doctors, and we did more clomid and ultrasounds and finally a shot. Before we left the office the doctor told us that he really doubted that it would work that month. We had decided that we would wait awhile if it did not work this time. My periods were virtually non existent so when we still had no period I decided to go to the doctor and get a test. My husband stayed home. The nurse called me in a few minutes later and showed me the huge plus sign. I got weak and felt faint. I went to the store and bought two balloons. On one balloon I wrote, "I Love You Daddy" and took it home to my husband. I showed him the balloon and he stood up and asked me if I was sure and he started to cry. We had hoped and waited so long. Next I called my mom out of town and asked her if she was sitting down. She asked,"Why"? Then I asked her if she was ready to be a grandma. She started shrieking my name. She was so excited. My dad had had surgery that day and so I took him the second balloon that said "Get well Grandpa". He looked at it and looked at it again and smiled. "Grandpa?" he said. He was happy. Then we went to the inlaws' house and told them in person. We asked them if they wanted to go celebrate with us. They asked us what we were celebrating. My husband said, "We are celebrating you guys going to be grandparents." My mother-in-law thought it was neat that she was going to be able to be a grandma without ever having to be a mom!!!.

From Dave . . . The idea started with a trip to Hershey Park. We brought our video camera and shot bits and pieces of our trip. We decided that we would start trying to have a baby right after our trip. When it came time to take our HPT, my wife turned the camera on and took video of me checking the results. The next night we went to my parent's house and told them we converted our trip to Hershey onto video, and that we wanted them to see it. We get to the end and the video changes to me walking through our Condo, and they start to wonder why we video taped this. That's when I said "Honey, we're pregnant!" They were immediately struck with excitement and shock. I still don't think it has completely sunk in that they are going to be grandparents!!

From Susan . . . I love to shop, and I frequently stop and show my mom what "little thing" I've picked up. Well, after our first doctor's visit, my husband and I stopped and bought a newborn size outfit and headed over to my parents. I handed mom the bag and told her to look and see what "little something" I had bought. She pulled out the little outfit, looked confused, and asked "Who is this for?" When we told her it was for OUR baby, my parents both had tears in their eyes as they jumped up and hugged us. This shopping trip also had the same effect on my husband's parents.

From Sandye . . . I had known I was pregnant for about a week when we decided to tell my family. This pregnancy was a complete surprise; we tried for two years before getting pregnant with our daughter, who is now 17 months old. We weren't even trying to get pregnant this time. Anyway, most of my family was going to be at a birthday party, so I decided to tell everyone at the party. When everyone got there, I tried to figure out a way to get everyone together without making anyone suspicious. I finally decided that I would take pictures of everyone. That would get everyone in one place, and no one would be the wiser. When everyone was assembled for the pictures, I first told them to say "April 16," which they did. Nobody knew why they were saying it, but they said it anyway. Then I said "Guess what?" and yelled "I'M PREGNANT!!" and then snapped the picture. Everyone was so thrilled! It was very exciting!

From Gina . . . We just found out we are pregnant and although my husband knew something was up when he saw that I set up the video camera, he humored me anyway. I wrapped up the positive hpt in a small box, and nested that one in six other increasingly larger boxes. My husband was thrilled when he saw the two pink lines. After a year of trying to conceive, it was exciting. He made the comment, "The little guys can swim!!" (He was going to have to get a semen analysis if we weren't successful by December.) Our family was thrilled as well with this being the first grandchild for all of them. To tell them, I used the same boxes, but replaced the hpt with a pacifier. They couldn't understand why we were giving them a pacifier at first. It went over their heads, but the moment they realized what it meant was fun. We videotaped the responses, and it's pretty entertaining . . .

From Christi . . . We had only been trying for one month and got lucky right off the bat. Our families always go to dinner together on Fridays at a local Chinese restaurant, so we decided to wait until we had them all together. My husband had called ahead to invite all of the family there because I had won teacher of the year again (so they thought). They came and brought little teacher gifts and a bouquet of flowers for congratulating me for the award (HA!). We had called the owner of the restaurant to have her put a special fortune in our parents' fortune cookies that said something about "Confucius says you will be grandparents in 8 months" and/or "You will be blessed with a child in 8 months." The owner came around and personally handed each person a cookie to make sure the parents received the ones with the "fortunes" in them. They all caught on immediately and were thrilled. The whole restaurant knew what was happening when it was all over, because there was so much hugging and cheering. It worked GREAT!!! We are expecting a little girl December 12th.

From PCHarris . . .Well, it was by far one of the best days of my life the day I found out I was pregnant with my son! We had been trying for three months, and I had taken a home pregnancy test 3 days before going to my doctor. While I was sitting in the room, she came in and handed me a prescription that said "pre-natal vitamins," and she said, "I think you need to get this filled." That was the most wonderful feeling in the world! I went home and made a special dinner for my husband and made a sign on the computer that said "Congratulations Daddy!" and folded it up and placed it under his plate. I was so excited, I could hardly keep it a secret. As I was pouring his drink, I spilled it on the table, my hands were shaking so bad with excitement! As we were eating, I said, "honey, what's that under your plate?" He looked, and I will never forget the look on his face! He jumped up, picked me up and hugged and kissed me over and over again! He was so happy!

We told our parents by buying pink and blue carnations and just walking in the door and handing them to them! My mother knew instantly, because she had done the same to her parents! What a wonderful experience!!!

From Elisabeth . . . We had been trying for five years, two miscarriages, and a lot of grief. Finally last November (1996) we both said "The hell with it, we're just not meant to be parents." We gave up.

My periods are always pretty irregular, so I didn't notice in the middle of January that I still hadn't gotten a period and it had been almost seven weeks. But when we went to our favorite restaurant for our usual "Thank God it's Friday" dinner out, and the clam chowder (my FAVORITE food of all time) made me turn green, I began to be a little suspicious. "Honey, we're stopping at the store to get a pregnancy test."

My husband didn't want to - we'd been disappointed so many times - but I finally convinced him "because if I'm not pregnant, then I have the flu in the worst way and need to be seen by a doctor." I really did not think the test would be positive. We stopped and bought a test, got home at about 9 p.m., and I headed directly for the bathroom (I had kidney surgery at 18 and I still have some difficulty "holding" it for any length of time). I wasn't going to use the test, but then I thought, why not? I really didn't want to wait until the next morning. I used the test, set it down to let it do its thing, and picked up a book.

About five minutes later I glanced down at the test and saw two lines. I went back to the book and then realized what I had seen - something I never thought I'd see! I grabbed the test up and looked REALLY close! Then I started jumping up and down and screaming at the top of my lungs.

My poor husband came running in (he thought something terrible was happening). I shoved the test into his face and demanded "Do you see two lines?" He said, "Yeah, what's that mean?" I shrieked, "It means I'm PREGNANT!!!"

He fainted. I think that was the last thing he expected to hear!

From Suzanne . . .My husband and I were together when we found out that we were pregnant. We had just started trying about two weeks earlier and I was a few days late, but I honestly didn't think that I was pregnant, due to a long family history of reproductive problems. We thought it would take us at least six months to a year to conceive. Anyway, he bought an HPT and convinced me to take it "just for fun." As we sat there on the bathroom floor waiting for the two-minute timer to ring, I was thoroughly convinced the test would be negative. When we saw two purple lines, we were both in complete shock, and completely thrilled at the same time. We both started laughing and crying at the same time and were literally speechless for a few moments. We decided to wait a few weeks to tell our parents, but when we did, we sent both sets of parents a box in the mail. We decorated the box with brightly-colored paper, with a poem on the front that read:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We have some news
We'd like to share with you.
About six months away
From this Memorial Day,
What a memorable day for Celebration.
Just one simple word
By you will be heard . . .
And then on the inside, we spelled out the word "baby" with wooden baby blocks and wrote on a card above it, "Grandma and Grandpa, CONGRATULATIONS!" We mailed them so they would arrive on Saturday afternoon, so we could both be home when they called. Needless to say, all of our parents were thrilled. Our baby will be the first grandchild for my husband's parents, so when they called, his mom was screaming into the phone. When we answered the phone and heard her screaming, we said, "Well, we guess you got our package!"

From Suzette . . . When I find out, I struggled with the words to tell my husband We had been trying for awhile and had stopped dwelling on the exact timing of things for our sanity sake. We had been very busy with work so when I suspected I was pregnant, my husband was oblivious that I was "late." I just didn't want to blurt out I was pregnant. We'd been waiting so long that I wanted to do something special. Rather than being terribly creative in my emotional state, I went to a bookstore and bought a copy of "How to Be an Expectant Father," which is a very funny book for dads-to-be. I had it elegantly gift wrapped and handed it to him at dinner. He was shellshocked at first and then when it started to sink it, he screamed in the restaurant, "I'm FINALLY going to be a dad!!" Everyone in the restaurant stood up and applauded. It was wonderful!!

From Tabitha . . .When my boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant, we were a little nervous about telling his parents and my mother. It was his idea to by small gift bags and put a pacifier inside with tissue paper. His parents thought it was just a gift because their anniversary was the day before. At first they didn't get it. But then it sunk in, and though surprised everyone took it well and is happy for us.

From Yvette . . . This is our second pregnancy. We have a son born June 4, 1995. I sent my husband two yellow long stemmed roses to his work. On the card I wrote: "This is a symbol of our love, the love we will have for our TWO beautiful children." He was indeed surprised and kept saying . . . is this true . . . are you sure. He couldn't keep it a secret from his staff!!!!

From Bill . . . When my sister-in-law was pregnant with her first child, my brother announced it during a game of charades.

From Beth . . . Chris and I had been tying for about 5 months and had told our families when we began to try. As it seemed like it was going to take awhile, I informed them all that it wasn't working and they could just forget about it for a while. When we finally did get the good news, we took a picture of the positive test. The next time we visited my family in person we brought along some random pictures of our new house and threw in the pictures of the pregnancy test. It was such a treat to watch their faces when they came to the test pictures. Both of my sisters burst into tears and immediately figured it out, while it took a while for my parents to get the "picture." Since we will bring the first grandchild/niece/nephew into our family, it was an incredible feeling to watch them find out and share their excitement with us.

From Crystal . . . My husband and I knew we were pregnant, but to prove it to ourselves, we went to the hospital. The doctors couldn't find a heartbeat, though, so did an ultrasound at 8 weeks, which is kinda hard to do, but it worked. They found the baby's heartbeat, and sent us home with a few pictures, too. I told my mom that I had something to show her, and took the pictures to her house. Later that night, while I was still there, my mother and I decided as a way to tell my father, we would leave them on the kitchen table until he noticed them, which took no time at all. The only problem was he didn't know what it was!! He asked me if it was a picture of a giant gas bubble?! (I had been complaining of stomach pains the night before.) It took my mother and I three times to try and explain to him what it really was, then he was in shock. It turned out to be one of those moments when you wish you had a camcorder around to send to Funniest Videos!!

From Stephen . . .All I can say, Mari, as a father-to-be (first time) is do not tell him while he is in the shower. Remember most household falls occur in the bath!

From Mary . . .My friend, Belinda, has a tradition in her family of sending a small plastic baby doll to each member of her immediate family. The fun is guessing who it might be from. Of course if you are an only child . . .

This is my third pregnancy. To make my son (age 8) and my daughter (age 5) feel connected to their newest sibling, we let them tell the news to friends and family. When we found out that our baby was a little girl, my daughter Erin called grandma and said "We have a baby and it's a girl!" My worried mother assumed that I had a premature delivery. After all was calm, we had a good laugh.

From Heather E . . . It started October 10, my soon to be husband and I started trying to get pregnant. (We were getting married Oct. 19) Neither one of us thought we would actually get pregnant the first time. October 18, we had our rehearsal dinner with our family. My mom and I sat next to each other, nothing sounded good to eat, she leaned over and asked me if I could be pregnant, my response was, "Matt and I started trying last week." I am assuming she was happy because she had been asking when we were going to make her a grandmother. When we got back from our honeymoon on Oct. 21, the first thing I did was get a pregnancy test. It had an extremely faint plus sign, so I figured I would wait a few more days. On Oct. 24, I took the other test in the package. I didn't turn on any lights because I didn't want to wake Matt up. Oct. 25 was Friday, I was running late, and I didn't look at the test. Matt and I had decided that morning we would hold off and build our house before we had any children. He was doing the dishes when I walked in the house. I went into the bathroom to look at the test. I brought the test out of the bathroom, sat in my recliner, looked at him and said, "We are going to have to wait to have time to ourselves and hurry up and build our house." He just looked at me like I was crazy. He made me go to my regular doctor and have them tell me I was actually pregnant (from the 21 to the 25 I used 4 different tests.) He needed to here it from the doctor to have it be really real. I told my mom as soon as I found out; she was happy but at the same time not really ready to be a grandma (it makes her feel old). We waited a few more days to tell Matt's mom; she felt we were rushing things but she was happy for us. I also had to call my dad. Telling him was a bit different considering he and my stepmom were pregnant at the time. I just told him he was going to have a grandchild the same age as his soon to be daughter (daughter #4 out of 5 children).

Everyone is happy now. We still haven't built our house; we can't find a floor plan that is exactly what we want. Our daughter, Alexandria Rachel, is due to make her grand appearance on July 4, 1997. We are hoping for an easy labor!!!!!!

From Yahaira . . . The way that I told my husband about our new little arrival was by going out and buying a little gift bag. In it, I put the pregnancy test (Fact Plus) and a bib that said "I love my Daddy." When he came home, I told him that I had a surprise for him. I told him to look in the bag. He was so completely surprised and in shock as he pulled out the pregnancy test. He looked at it and then looked up at me saying No and Why are you playing with me?, over and over again. He could not believe it. After he recovered and the fact that I was pregnant sunk into his brain, he cried, hugged me and told me that I just made him the most happiest man in the world!

P.S.- My little girl, Mia Noelle, is due on April 18, 1997. I can't wait!

From Lynne . . .My Husband, Jerry, was away at Fort Knox, KY when I found out we were expecting. I called his company orderly room and left a message that the results were positive, but not telling the orderly that answered the phone what type of test results it was. He was prompted to call home and find out what was going on by his drill sgt. When he finally reached me, he was ecstatic and flew home the next weekend to tell his mother!

From Cathy . . . My name is Cathy. I am 35 years old and my husband is 37. We thought we were done having babies. We have a 14 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. I thought my period was just late as usual. However it seems my husband figured it out before me. Gee, do you suppose it was that jar of pickle juice I drank! ha! ha!

From Kristina . . .Randy was with me when we found out I was pregnant. We went to the local family planning clinic, and we were pretty nervous. I've been pregnant 3 times before this one, and had about 5 years of infertility, so I didn't want to get my hopes up too much. The night before our appointment, I laid in his arms and cried my heart out, not wanting to hope at all, but being unable to help it.

Imagine my surprise when the nurse walks in,and nonchalantly informs us that we're pregnant. My face lit up with the biggest smile I think I've ever had in my life, and my first reaction was to see HIS first reaction . . . that tells a girl a lot. He was just as thrilled as I was, and for that I am so grateful.

When I got home that night, I called my dad (who'd been begging me for the last 3 years for a grandbaby) and said, "Dad, are you sitting down?" Yes, why? I have some news. What?

I said nothing.....sometimes nothing needs to be said. "Yep!! I'm pregnant!" You're pregnant?'re PREGNANT?? He was pretty thrilled. I still can't help but laugh when I remember that conversation. After that, I called my mom, and the conversation was almost exactly the same as the one with Dad. She was just as happy as he was. Randy called his mom at work, and just broke it to her. "Mom, Kris is pregnant." I have no clue what she said, but as soon as that sentence fell out of his mouth, I started giggling uncontrollably. I couldn't help myself, and I couldn't stop! I heard her say, "Well, I can see Kris is pretty happy about it." Yes Ma'am!!

Our son is due July 10th. Everything is going okay so far, but I'm high risk, so I'm limited as to what I'm able to do. The baby is healthy, and whatever I have to do (I quit smoking in one day after 8 years for this baby) to make sure he stays healthy, I will do.

From TKCON . . .We purchased a book for each grandparent. The book was one in which the grandparent completes pages and pages of information about their lives and experiences. That way, the grandchild always has information on their grandparent, even once they are gone. We wrapped the books individually, invited everyone over for lunch, and told them we had a belated Christmas gift for them that did not arrive in time for the holiday (we told them on Jan 7). When they opened the books, they found out what the gift was!

From Aaron254 . . . I told my boyfriend on the phone when he was at work this last October. We knew because I was 3 weeks late for my period, but the biggest shocker was in January when we had our very first ultrasound---TWINS-- then he seemed scared and excited for a month --almost had no other expression on his face except the one I saw that day---then things got better--My family is excited about having twins also.

From Tracey . . . We told my MIL and FIL by having a Vermont Teddy Bear sent to them for Valentine's Day (I was about 5 weeks pregnant at the time). The UPS Man delivered a "Grandma Bear" with a card that said, "Happy Valentine's Day Grandma, Love Bob, Tracey and ???" She loved it!!

From Melissa T. . . I wasn't able to fool my DH since we were "actively trying," but I did have him believing I couldn't test for another day. While he was in the shower, I did the hpt, but I waited until he got out to tell him <g!> I had an "I love my daddy" bib to give him as my way of sharing the news. But, it was trimmed in pink and my son never wore it!

For our parents, we were about eight weeks along at Father's Day. That was a little earlier than we were ready to tell, but we decided it would be a nice occasion. We bought "I Love my Granpa" picture frames and I wrote a little poem that we put inside. We wrapped them as Father's Day gifts and mailed them. (All grandparents are long-distance.) I think my corny poem went like this:

Although I am very, very small
I asked my mom and dad to call
On this wonderful Father's Day
To share the news that I'm on the way

This frame is my gift to you
To hold my photo when I'm brand new
I'll surely see you on Valentine's Day
But until then, I'll just say..
Happy Father's Day, Grandpa!

I sure got some tears out of that one! We send snapshots to them frequently (or try to), so for the second one I plan to buy my son a "I'm the big brother" t-shirt, take pictures, and see how long it takes them to notice what he's wearing!

From Melissa W. . . DH and I were on vacation at Disney World (actually, he was there for a business conference; I was vacationing) when I suspected I might be pregnant. Since we had only "tried" one month, I wasn't sure, so I wanted to do the test on the sly. Do you know how hard it is to find pregnancy test at Disneyworld??? Well, I did and when he came home from his meetings that day, I made him sit down before I told him. He said later he was really worried that I had some terrible news because in the ten years I'd known him, I had never told him to sit down for any kind of news!!! Come to think of it, I don't know why I told him to sit down. What, did I think he was going to faint or something?? :-)

When we told our families, we decided to wait until DH's birthday. When everyone called to wish him a happy birthday, we nonchalantly said, oh, BTW, we'll have a new birthday to celebrate next year! It was kind of an IQ test to see who "got it."

From Patti . . .The first time, I made out a formal-looking invitation, cordially inviting him to the birth of his first child, stating that the dress would be his finest paternity suit. We had been trying HARD for over a year, so it wasn't out of the blue, but just as exciting, anyway.

Second time, I told him as he was on his way out the door to work. It happened a year before we had planned, and I don't think it sunk in till he got home. =)

Third time, while he was making coffee at 6 AM, I came downstairs holding the HPT stick in my hand, crying because I'm too old to be pregnant!!! How the scene has changed over the years! <BG>

As for my parents, my firstborn was grandchild #21 for them, so I didn't think there was any "new" way to announce it to them.

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