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Symptoms of a Multiples Pregnancy

Many women wonder in the early stages of pregnancy if they could be carrying twins or more. If there has been a previous pregnancy, it's common to compare pregnancies, and if abdominal size or weight gain seems to be more than a previous pregnancy, the thoughts of twins can really made a heart pound! However, in the case of a subsequent pregnancy, it's important to remember that the pregnancy may show faster because the uterus and ligaments have been stretched by the previous pregnancy(ies). Multiples are definitely suspected after infertility treatment. Also remember that you may be expecting twins and have few, if any, of these symptoms.

Some of the signs of a plural pregnancy include:

  • Morning sickness - more than half of multiples moms have morning sickness which tends to be more severe than for a singleton pregnancy

  • Fatigue

  • Abdomen is larger than expected

  • Larger/faster weight gain

  • Your care provider hears two (or more) heartbeats (as early as ten to 12 weeks)

  • Feel more fetal movement than in singleton pregnancy

  • Retain more water than with singleton pregnancy

  • High AFP test results (because of multiple fetuses rather than birth defects)
The majority of multiples are diagnosed via ultrasound. If your careprovider suspects multiples, an ultrasound is usually recommended to confirm the diagnosis.

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