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Pregnancy and Veins
by Allison Anderson

While we have all heard motherhood is one of the most rewarding and amazing times a woman can experience, it does take a toll on the body. It is not at all uncommon for each pregnancy to add its own mark on the legs; some women can point to various vein clusters and name them "this one was Emily; this one was Nathan, etc." Early in the pregnancy, a woman secretes hormones that encourage dilation of blood vessels in preparation for the pregnancy and birth. During the later stages of the pregnancy, the uterus compresses the pelvis veins creating pressure in the leg veins.

The best preventative measure is to wear compression stockings specifically made for maternity use. They can help with the fluid retention and heaviness that often accompanies the later stages of pregnancy. Exercising regularly will also help prevent varicose and spider veins from forming during pregnancy.

Most treatment of spider veins involves chemical injections that have not shown any significant effects on the baby, but it is recommend the treatment is performed after the baby is born when you are getting your post baby body ready to show off along with you new little one!

What's nice is that after delivery there is usually some regression of the veins so they won't be as apparent as they were during pregnancy. About two months after the birth you can begin treatment on spider veins. Your Board Certified Vein Specialist can determine the best treatment for your specific problem and get rid of those veins, because as a new mom you have enough to worry about.

Allison Anderson lives and works in Reno, NV where she specializes in healthcare marketing and media relations.

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