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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Baby Clothing
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 . From lizamac ~ I LOVE Healthtex and Gymboree - both because they wash so well, don't shrink or fade. I like Old navy for onesies and a few toddler things, for the same reasons.

 . From OreganoMom ~ Gymboree all the way!!! I love their clothes. My daughter is currently in the size XXL's (7 years) and I'm getting kind of bummed that there's only one more size (8 years) before she won't be able to wear Gymboree anymore!

 . From Freya'sMom ~ I like OshKosh for cuteness and durability . . . great farmer pants and bluejeans! Carter's makes some cute things too and their onesies are very comfy. H & M (in Europe) is the only company I've seen that makes those rubber fishing pants that cover the little one when they play in wet sand, etc. A definite 'must have' at our house!

 . From Katie's Momma ~ You definitely get what you pay for. Gymboree, OshKosh, Baby Gap - all have great quality, cute styles and fit nice. OldNavy - the sizes fit small. My 2.5 year old daughter barely fits the 4 pants. Zellers & Walmart - mostly cheap but a lot of it is garbage.

 . From Scout ~ I love Gap, Oshkosh and Gymboree -- all cost a little more, but have great sales and are top quality. Carters is great for basics, like onesies and pj's. Old Navy has great prices.

 . From Aimee ~ Another gymboree fan here. The clothes are durable and I haven't had problems with shrinkage or fading. They can be pricey but usually have sales or gymbucks and if you shop at the right time, you can get some great deals. I love Gap for pj's. I also love the quality of Gap clothes, but tend to shop the sales.

 . From Macewan ~ 90% of my ds's clothes are Gap. I usually buy them on sale to reduce costs and they wear really well. My ds is small so he wears his things a long time. I have a few Old Navy pieces, but they seem to shrink. The rest of his stuff is Lands' End, also a good buy IMO.

 . From eliebug ~ Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Baby Gap. Gymboree for durability and fit (DD is tall but thin). Hanna Andersson for durability (even though they are sized for certain heights and weights, you can extend the life of them with a pair of leggings or tights), colors, and style. I also like the fact that the arm holes and head holes are large enough for layering and longer wear. And Baby Gap has great styles and (generally) good colors which last year after year. I buy all of these (except Hannas which we get at the factory store) during big sales. And we were fortunate to get some great condition hand-me-downs from my SIL..

 . From PaulaSue ~ Carter's! They are the size they state and the price is great especially if you live near the outlet or get them on sale. They wear well even after my third baby.

 . From Pekoe's Pal ~ Carters. They are sooo soft and wash up great. We live near an outlet also, so fantastic prices.

 . From OldColonyTam ~ My yays . . . Old Navy (yes, sizes do run small). Gap (I only buy from the sale rack, though). The Children's Place (very trendy!). OshKosh (I don't know how many second hand outfits I've gone through that are STILL in good enough condition to save for my next child). My nays . . . Walmart and Zellers.

 . From Lucy ~ Definitely GAP for socks - their 'triple roll' socks do NOT come off easily, very useful!

 . From InsomniaMom ~ Thumbs up for Carters onesies and sleepers.

 . From yoopergoddess ~ Thumbs up for Baby Gap and Old Navy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one piece sleepers that have no legs and are fleece from Carters. They made changing those 2 am diapers a breeze. I don't care for Walmart clothes as the quality stinks imo. Unfortunately we don't live near a major mall so I don't get to buy many things in stores but rather online. I buy most of my DDs clothes on Ebay.

 . From sieffy ~ I agree about the Gap. But Children's Place is one of my favorite places. Good sizing and durability. Old Navy for jeans and cords and shorts. Shirts do tend to run small so I always buy a year ahead.

 . From mom2bailee ~ I LOVE Carter's for Rompers, Old Navy for pants, and Little Me for sleepers, I love GAP socks and about everything from KRU (kids r us). Oh, and I love everything from Children's Place.

 . From Peterpan ~ The Children's Place tends to hold up well and they are reasonably priced. I also LOVE Lands' End! You cannot beat their quality. I like Gymboree too, but they tend to be a bit pricey.

 . From amykw33 ~ I prefer Gap, Gymboree, Lands' End and Hanna Andersson. I do buy a lot of Old Navy, but I find that the quality isn't quite as good as Gap, though the prices are a lot easier on the wallet. Lands' End makes the best winter boots and rain boots! And their jeans are terrific! My daughter has a pair of LE jeans that she wore at least twice a week all through kindergarten, and they still look nice enough to hand down to my 4 year old.

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